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Winter Home Security Checklist

Winter Home Security Checklist

During chilly winters, people usually prefer staying indoors with their doors closed, curtains drawn and paying hardly any heed to their neighborhood. This makes winter the best time for intruders to break into people’s homes and get away with their essentials in and around the house.

The latest survey shows alarming statistics with burglaries incidences increasing by 20% in winter months. These events increase during Christmas when people are usually busy with festivities. If you are unsure of how to get your home secure for winter, it is important that you get it assessed by a professional. In this article, we have offered the best tips to keep your home secure to keep away burglars.

Home Security Checklist for Winter Months

Winter Home Security Checklist A proficient locksmith will help you find out if your home and valuables are secure or not. The team at will check if your locks are insured and will offer you the best and affordable advice to make your house burglar-proof.

Secure the External Areas of Your Home

If you have valuable items placed in your garage and sheds, it becomes imperative to improve the security of your home’s external areas. Make sure you always keep your garages and sheds locked with weatherproof secure locks. If you have kept more valuable items, you may consider adding anchor locks and cables. Other areas that are appealing for burglars during winter are motorhomes and caravans. You can install alarms that go off when somebody tries to break in. It is suggested that you put a notice outside to indicate that you have added alarms to deter potential intruders.

Checking Lighting of Your Home’s Exterior and Interior

In winter, the days are shorter and therefore it becomes crucial to ensure that the lighting of your exterior and interiors are working properly. Keeping the lights of your home on during late evening will work as a sign to potential intruders that you are at home. However, it is also essential that you don’t keep the lighting on all through the night as it makes the burglars doubtful regarding your presence. If you are away from your home, you can use a timer that automatically switches on the lights.

Enhance the Security of your Doors and Windows

The essential part of your home safety is the security of your doors and windows. Our proficient locksmiths will check if the locks in your home meet the industry standards. We will also see if your windows are properly secured. If you have several windows on the ground, you must install window locks and alarms. Front doors should have locks that meet the updated standards for safety. If your house is old, you must have it examined by professional locksmiths and get their recommendations for an upgraded lock system.

Most people ignore looking into the security of  windows and surprisingly, most intruders use windows as their potential entry points. You must add at least one lock to all your windows. It is essential that your door has a spy hole and chain to check outside before opening the door. You must make a habit of using them even if you are expecting someone. You can also use a sensor for external lights or a smart home system that comes with a doorbell camera to keep track of people visiting you. This camera will let you check who’s at the door before you open it.

Ask Your Neighbors to Watch Your Premises

It is one of the most practical ways to keep your home secure even when you are away from home. Inform your neighbors that you will be away and ask them to keep watch on your home and take care of post. It is an effective way to take care of your home. In return, you can also check on their home when they are away!

Advanced Home Security Systems

Nowadays, there are numerous security systems on the market to help you enhance your home’s security.

  • CCTV Cameras: Now, it is hassle-free to buy and install CCTV cameras to keep a watch in and around your house from the viewing station. You can check your home even when you are at work or vacationing somewhere far away.
  • Digital Door Locks: You can take advantage of digital door locks that eliminate the need for keeping the physical key. However, you can still have both keys if you need them. Burglars are not able to easily pick a digital lock compared to traditional ones. With digital locks, you can change the codes whenever you want and keep your home safe.
  • Crime Watch App: You can use a crime watcher app that will keep you notified regarding the number of home burglaries occurring in your area. This will keep you on your toes and you will be extra vigilant whenever you sense any strange activity in and around your house.

Other Home Security Checks for Winter

In addition to getting your house examined by a professional locksmith, you must keep watch and ensure that the security of your home is updated. Here’s a list of things you can do.

  1. Note down the valuables you have in your home and make sure they are kept safe.
  2. Cut down branches of trees around your house if they are blocking your view of the street. These trees can also become a hiding spot for intruders, so be careful.
  3. Make sure that you don’t keep a large amount of cash in your home.
  4. Don’t hide your keys in obvious locations such as underneath doormats and in pots. Keep it safe with you.
  5. Make sure that you don’t post any information about your upcoming holidays on social media. 

Get Ready For Winter With Enhanced Security!

Currently, crime is on the rise and home burglary is one of the common incidences that we keep hearing about on a regular basis. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you make use of several methods to tighten your home security to keep everything safe even during winters and when you are away for vacation or work.