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Tools That Every Locksmith Should Have

Tools that a locksmith carries

A skilled locksmith knows exactly which tools to use for each occasion. The following is a simplified list of a few of the many tools that we carry around with us.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

We all know that a surgeon is only as skilled as her medical tools and a musician is only as talented as the musical instruments he uses to produce his sound. Along the same lines, a locksmith is at his best when equipped with the proper tools needed to do his job right.

A locksmith is only as good as the tools on his belt. 

He has to know exactly which tools to use because using the wrong tool for the job can result in even more damage being done to an already compromised security situation. Our locksmiths are often asked by clients about the instruments and tools we use. We are always happy to fill you in and teach you anything that you want to know about our process and the tools we use.

Plug Spinner

This is a relatively small tool. that is used for picking simpler locks. It changes the position of the lock’s interior so that the lock goes from being locked to unlocked or vice versa. Our mobile locksmith techniciansuse this tool a lot when helping an individual who’s been locked out of his/her house with the keys still inside. There is also heavier duty lock picks like computerized picks and electronic pick guns. 

Broken Key Extractor

A thin tool that is used to remove broken keys that are stuck inside a lock and don’t seem to want to come out. They also come in the form of a pair of extra, extra thin extractor pliers, which can help if the locksmith wants to be able to grasp the broken key bit more securely from both sides. They are similar tools that are needed to remove keys from different size locks.

Key Decoders

Decoders are an important addition to any locksmith’s toolbox. They are used in order to know exactly which pins need to be used when rekeying a door lock. Since not all locks are the same, a locksmith usually has many different types of these guides which can be a real timesaver in an emergency lockout situation.

Key Cutting Machines

These machines are really large and so they usually stay inside our van, which is why our customers rarely even see it being used. These machines are used in key duplication services on various types of keys including:

  • External house keys
  • internal keys for homes
  • office keys
  • mailbox keys
  • filing cabinet keys
  • car keys

Drill Jigs

Jigs are guides that help locksmiths achieve greater precision and control when installing new locks or duplicating keys.

Automotive Locksmith Tools

There are so many different cars makes and models on the road today. Because of the variety of vehicles and auto security systems, a variety of tools are needed to service cars. Two of the most frequently used auto locksmith tools are:

  • The clip zip opens car door panels so locksmiths can gain entry better.
  • Window crank tools which are small and thin, while at the same time being very durable and strong.

These tools allow professional locksmiths to get inside many types of cars in a very short amount of time, which is important when our clients want to get back on the road right away.