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Solar Powered Security Alarm Systems

A solar wireless alarm system runs entirely on solar energy harnessed with the help of solar panels and it does not require the use of any electrical cables. The natural, free, and sustainable energy from the sun charges solar power kits for security cameras and helps them run problem-free, especially in those areas where standard CCTV systems are difficult or impossible to install.

A self-sufficient solar wireless alarm system can be purchased in a bundle that features solar panels and CCTV cameras sold with rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to embrace a DIY project at home and design and build your own solar powered alarm that can perfectly match your custom needs. Those of you who are interested in making the switch to a eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle or individuals who live in remote areas off the grid should find this alternative particularly useful. Let us have a closer look at how a solar powered alarm works and what are the best options you could take into consideration right now.

How Does A Solar Power Kit For Security Camera Work?

solar powered cctv

Some of these cameras are sold with rechargeable batteries and the fully-customizable solar panels that need to be bought separately, while others are sold in bundles that contain all the necessary items to fully enjoy non-stop solar power for your home security alarms.  One of the main advantages of using solar powered alarms is that the cameras can be installed in any location and used during rainy, snowy, and foggy days. However, the rate of efficiency of these solar panels during days that are less sunny and more cloudy is expected to gradually drop. Nonetheless, you should have no problem using your surveillance systems 24/7, including during the night.

The functioning mechanism of these solar power kits is simple: a solar panel is used to capture the rays from the sun and transform them into DC or direct current. Soon after, with the help of an inverter, the DC will be turned into alternating current or AC. This will be used to provide power to your security alarm internet protocal (IP) cameras and keep the batteries going for prolonged use.  Excess electrical power that the solar panels will generate continuously will keep charging the batteries whenever the sun is not up in the sky. This means you will enjoy uninterrupted surveillance from your solar powered CCTV cameras and enjoy more peace of mind.

Special Incentives To Use Solar Power Security Kits

Given that solar powered security cameras make use of a clean and renewable source of energy, it would seem only natural for the authorities to encourage the population to embrace them. These systems have already captured the attention of many homeowners looking to lower their monthly electricity bills, get off the grid, enjoy enhanced security in remote areas with a lot of power outages or no access to electricity, or simply to live more sustainable lifestyles. If you are also looking forward to becoming more public environmentally conscious and save money, we have good news for you. There are plenty of governments that have created special incentives for their citizens to adopt solar powered technologies, with the US government counts among them. These incentives come in the form of rebates, as well as tax credits or special programs for installing and using solar powered systems, including wireless CCTV camera kits.  Businesses can also consider using this cheap and efficient alternative for similar results. Such a system is excellent at recording footage that might be needed after a burglary to handle an insurance claim with an agent or to lower insurance premiums.

Extra Advantages Of Solar Powered CCTV Cameras

  • Solar power CCTV kits are great in remote locations
    If you are searching for more flexibility when it comes to the installation spots for your surveillance cameras, these options are the best. They will help you get rid of any electrical wiring and put you off the grid, when necessary or when looking for reliable surveillance solutions for a remote location in a spot that is challenging from a geographical point of view.  You can install a solar powered CCTV camera system at your vacation home, in a vineyard, inside a warehouse, RV, or boat and the list goes on.

  • No drilling needed
    Installation is smooth and easy and there is no need to worry about running cables and drilling holes in your walls.

  • You protect the environment
    No need to worry about polluting the planet and destroying the land, as the batteries are fully rechargeable batteries and the zero-waste feature of these systems will help you enjoy a “clean” surveillance experience.

  • The systems are fully scalable
    This means you can freely and easily add more IP cameras whenever you need more areas covered.

  • You can watch live footage on your property
    Solar powered cameras will also allow you to watch live viewing footage from several cameras at the same time as a phone, laptop, or tablet.

  • Long 25-year lifespan
    The impressively long lifespan of solar powered security camera systems of at least 25 years is guaranteed by manufacturers via their warrantees. You can expect such a system to still be able to effectively generate around 80% power even after two and a half decades of uninterrupted activity with minimum maintenance.

Choose the right size for the rechargeable batteries, figure out how much electricity you will want to generate for your wireless IP cameras, and buy a model with an SD card to also store the live footage and start enjoying more peace of mind and security!