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Safety Issues to Look for Before Buying a New House

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Bought an old home? Chances are that you need to take care of security issues.  Make sure that your newly-bought house is well equipped with secure locks and suitable security measures.

With the increase in the number of incidences regarding burglaries in the past few years, it has become imperative that homeowners take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of their loved ones and belongings. Although old homes have their own appeal and charisma that makes them so popular among buyers, they do have their own defects including very weak security. These shortcomings often become the root cause of various problems. On the brighter side, the raw material used to build these houses is of very high quality and is therefore quite sturdy. However, antique locks that were installed several decades ago cannot protect the house from burglaries.

General Safety Issues with Old Homes

Read about simple ways to take care of all the security issues that many people face when buying an old house. In general, homeowners who have already bought the old house must contact professional locksmiths to get their home examined for security lapses.

Deteriorated Window Frames

new home securityWindows are one of the common entryways used by many thieves with the intention of burglary. Windows that are installed on the ground floor area should be sturdy and have good frames to avoid burglaries. Usually, old homes have windows on ground floors that are damp and have fragile frames and they lack proper locks and safety bars to deter intruders. It is suggested that you get these delicate frames replaced by new sturdy ones. You may also plan to change to casement windows that are not easy to open from the outside and are difficult to break.

Most homeowners often add a sliding chain lock on windows for better security. If your home has sturdy windows, you can add high-quality locks for added protection. You can also add strong latches to keep your windows secured. A professional locksmith will analyze the condition of the windows and will let you know the best security solution to enhance the protection of your home.

Damaged Entrance Locks

Front door locks in old homes are usually outdated. You should get all your locks assessed by a skilled locksmith to check which locks need to be replaced with superior ones. Most locksmiths suggest using deadbolt locks as they offer added robustness to any door. Wireless locks are also a better option as they can be operated by smart gadgets such as your phone. You can also consider using keypad locks or fingerprint locks. You can effortlessly renovate your old home into a smart one with advanced locks to keep potential robbers away. You should get in touch with certified and dependable residential locksmith services to have your new home examined for security issues and get the right recommendations for the best locks.

Damaged Garage Doors

In older homes, garage doors are usually worn out and lack security measures. The garage door is a potential entry point for intruders so it is crucial that you strengthen it by having it repaired if faulty. Find out if your garage door has a better security lock. If it has a traditional lock system, you can consider updating it with locks that operate with a remote. If the door is heavily deteriorated, you can get it completely replaced with a better one. Most locksmiths offer a side lock for a garage door that includes a zinc-plated steel lock and springs with latch bolts. You can couple your regular key lock with an exterior T handle and key cylinders for superior security. If your garage is connected to your home, it becomes highly essential to make it secure by the best means possible. You should get in touch with a professional locksmith to know more about ways in which you can make your house more secure.

Obsolete Alarms

Old houses often have outdated alarms that may pose a threat to the security of your property and belongings as you will not receive notifications on time. This often happens because of the wiring that has become worn out over the past few years. In addition, old homes often have landlines that can easily be damaged by intruders. It is vital that you get the wired landline of your home replaced by a wireless one. There are several great options on the market today and you can find the one that best suits your budget.

The Best Guidelines for Examining Old Homes

Old homes are appealing and offer an aesthetic charm; however, they often lack proper security measures. Thus, you must do proper research when buying an old house. Here are a few things you might want to consider:

  • Be patient when buying an old house. Don’t get carried away with its beauty. Do proper home inspections before finalizing a deal.
    You may add a few more clauses in the agreement to assist you in case you find faults in the house.
  • It is important that the inspection checks every aspect of the home including security, termite assessment and other areas such as floors and roofs.

Nothing Is More Important Than the Security of Your Family and Home!

Every homeowner must prioritize the security of their family and home. A beautiful home is one that is not only pleasing but secure as well. So, make sure that you get your new home equipped with advanced security tools.

You should get in touch with today to get your home examined for security issues and other related features! Our locksmiths are professional, skilled and certified to handle all sorts of security issues.