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Theft Deterrents that Don't Work

theft deterrents

It might seem simple to keep burglars away from your home by just securing the locks, setting alarms and have a big dog near the door. Well, if that were the case, there would hardly be any home break-ins and burglaries. Even though there are several effective ways to keep your home and your loved ones safe from robbers, there are several other popular ways that, instead of giving you security, work against you. Let’s find out the .

Common Home Security Practices That Often Backfire:

1. Discontinuing Your Daily Mail Delivery

Thieves don’t just visit any house; they keep a sharp watch on the house and its residents ahead of time in order to understand their daily routine. So, if your house is under the observation of an aspiring burglar, you would not want him to notice that you have made changes to your usual daily routine! Even a slight change in your daily schedule will signal that you are away from your home and give burglars an opportunity to enter your home. You can ask your neighbor or friends to collect your mail when you are not around your home if possible.

2. Keeping Lights of Your Home On 24/7

If you keep the lights of your home on around-the-clock, it lets thieves think that you are away from your home. Otherwise, who else would sleep with the lights on and who would want to waste so much electricity?  You can ask your neighbors to switch on the light of your porch in the evening and switch it off later; however, if it’s not possible, you can install timers in your home. These are smart devices that will automatically turn your lights ON and OFF throughout the day, which will make trespassers think that you are in the home even when you are enjoying your vacation with your family and friends!

3. Having A Big and Friendly Dog Guard Your House

Although a large furry dog might seem threatening initially, it is important that he is aggressive towards intruders. If your dog is huge but has a very meek personality, he can turn out to be an adorable house pet but not your home guard. If you are focusing on having a pet that loves you and safeguards your home as well, consider getting a smaller yet active breed who will bark terribly on spotting a possible intruder. Every burglar is afraid of getting noticed and caught when they are trying to break into the house. A fiercely barking dog will draw the attention of passersby, neighbors and the house, which in turn will work as a great restraint for crooks!

4. Securing Your Valuables in a Portable Home Safe

If you have stored your valuables in a secure home safe with the intention to safeguard them, you should realize that you might be helping the thieves in their mission. Although the burglars may find it tough to break into a safe, it is not impossible as veteran robbers can make it possible by using the right tools and skills. Also, if you have the home-safe attached to your floor or a wall, robbers can de-install it easily. Simply put, by storing all your valuable items in one place, you are helping the robbers by making their hunt easier! The best thing you can do is to make certain that your home safe is bolted securely in a place where thieves would not think to look for it. Alternatively, you can also hide your things in several secure places throughout your house.

5. Hanging Alarm Company Signs as a Warning

The homeowner usually thinks that they are deterring robbers by hanging signs with big letters that say that their house is being protected by a reputed security company. This seems to you a potential warning to aspiring thieves but in fact, it might turn out to be imperative information to them and help them figure out how to break into your home. They will soon learn the types of security systems you have installed in your house and will figure out how to break them open. So, these are some common mistakes most homeowners make when planning to secure their homes. Now, you must be wondering what should be done? In order to help you, we have listed some of the effective tips to make your house burglar-proof.

What Effective Burglar Deterrents Tips Work?

  • Install thick metal or solid wooden doors in your home that will be hard to breakthrough. You can also consider installing a secondary floor lock if your doors have a window. Also, get a hidden bracing installed in the doorframe.
  • Burglars break in through the door or window. So, the best thing you can do is to install secure locks on your doors. You can check with your local locksmith for more information on the strongest and best locks for your home.
  • Always make sure to lock your doors. This is such a simple step but there are still several people who forget to lock their home every time they leave their house. Even if you are out shopping in your neighborhood, don’t take the security of your home for granted.
  • You can get a home security check done by a local locksmith company. You just need to call and request them to check the security systems of your house. They will survey your home and suggest ways in which you can improve the overall security of your house. This is a free service that everyone must take advantage of!
  • It is best to invest some money on installing a home security system. A home security system is an effective way to dissuade robbers from targeting your house. You can choose from a large variety of home security systems available on the market.

Apart from following these tips, you can also consider installing security cameras, get motion-activated lights and install strong doors in your house. The security of your home and family is of utmost importance, so make sure that you don’t do anything to compromise in this area! Call Locksmiths Locator Today!