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Hiding Your Spare House Keys

Whether you have recently cut a new spare key for your home and you need to find a good hideout spot for it or you are getting ready to go on a vacation and you want to leave your key in a safe location that is not too obvious or vulnerable to theft, keep reading. Our experts have listed a few genius ways to hide a house key while minimizing the risk of someone discovering your key. Whether you live in a house or apartment, we are going to provide you with clever solutions.

Where to Keep Spare House Keys?

where to hide your spare home keysIf you live in a residential neighborhood in a three-bedroom house, a villa, a single-family home, or a townhouse, and you are looking for a smart hideout for one or several spare keys, you need to become a little crafty. Choosing the most obvious or common hideout place for spare keys will not only make your home more prone to fall victim to a potential burglary. Here are some of our top recommendations for you:

1. Taped to your patio furniture, in a secluded area. You could choose the area underneath a patio chair or table to keep your spare key hidden.

2. Underneath a loose brick or walkway pavement piece that would appear to be innocent to people passing your house by or potential neighborhood thieves on the look for their next victim.

3. Underneath a flower bed or inside a realistically looking fake rockthat perfectly blends in with the surroundings in your garden or yard.

4. In a small lockbox hidden beneath the porch. Opt for a quality magnetized lock box that can be easily placed underneath a metal chair or table on your patio or porch.

5. Beneath the car. You could also use the same magnetic lockbox beneath your parked vehicle.

6. Hidden inside the barbeque grill. If you own a barbeque grill that you usually keep in your backyard, use it to hide your spare house key in it. Just remember to remove the key when you plan on using the grill.

7. Neighbors. The best place to hide your spare keys: at your trustworthy neighbors. If you have some closeby neighbors you can put your trust in, ask them if they are willing to safely guard your spare house keys. This way, you should prevent the risk of getting locked out of your place while also enjoying a fast line of communication provided there is any suspicious activity going on at your property while you are away.

8. Inside a fake sprinkler head. Make sure you pick a highly realistic fake sprinkler head and place it in a random location away from your front door, among other sprinkler heads.

Where to Hide Your Spare Apartment Keys?

If you want to know where to hide a spare key to an apartment, check our following tips:

  • Use any decor outside your apartment to tuck the key in it. If you normally decorate your apartment entrance with dry flowers and other kinds of decorations, wind chimes, or door knockers, use some sturdy tape to attach the spare key to them. Just remember to move the spare key to your apartment from one seasonal wreath to another when the time is right.

  • In a magnetic key box beneath a staircase made of metal. This represents a good hideout location for a spare apartment key. It is also possible to use the back of a light along a lighted corridor, a metal gutter for the metal box, or any other type of magnetic surface for the same purpose. Pay attention that the chosen location is not easily accessible to others.

  • If you have a reliable neighbor who you know well enough to trust with keeping your spare key, ask them if they would be willing to help you. You could also ask them to feed your cat and water your plants while you are away since they will have access to your apartment.
  • Underneath a balcony. If you live in an apartment building with a balcony or a deck area, you could try to use some secluded nooks and crannies beneath these structures as a hideout for your spare apartment key. Just see that there is no risk of the key easily falling out or being washed away during rain. You could also try to drive a nail into one of the wooden posts and hang the spare key there.

What Are the Worst Places to Hide a Spare House Key?

Knowing how to select the safest and most efficient way to hide a spare key for your house or apartment hiding spot is critical for keeping your home protected against intruders. Nonetheless, it is equally important to know where not to hide a key. For starters, avoid using your doormat to hide a spare key as it is one of the most obvious go-to places where burglars will tend to search first for a key. The same goes for potted plants and flower pots located right next to the front door. While you might be tempted to hide your spare key inside your mailbox, this also represents one of the worst places to hide a spare house key. Keeping your spare keys inside your wallet next to your ID showing your home address is also a bad idea for obvious reasons.

How to Eliminate the Need to Hide a Spare Key

If you wish to completely get rid of the hassle of having to find the perfect hiding place for your spare keys, you could consider upgrading your old security system with an automatic lock system that uses smart door locks. The latter completely eliminates the need to use standard keys made of metal, helping you enjoy the perks of keyless entries. With smart locks you will receive text notifications in real-time whenever someone unlocks the front door, and maintain control your access control from a remote distance using a smart app on your phone.

If you need a quick spare key cut professionally at good rates, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. If you need additional tips on where the hide your keys or you wish to upgrade your security system with new locks, security cameras, and doorbell video cameras, give us a call.