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Are Locksmith Services Covered by Homeowners Insurance

While it is possible to avoid getting locked outside of one's home, if the dreadful event has already happened, hiring a locksmith near me is the best possible solution. When looking to save as much as you can on the lockout service along with any lock replacement and new key-cutting services you might need, knowing whether your insurance covers these services is a smart idea.

If you would like to know the answers to questions such as “does home insurance cover broken keys?”, “does renters insurance cover locksmith services?”, or “are lost house keys covered by insurance?”, keep reading. Our experts have compiled a brief guide to explain the most common instances when homeowners insurance may cover locksmith services like emergency home lockouts or stolen key replacements, and how to find out if you are covered.

Which Insurance Policy Covers Locksmiths?

While homeowners insurance offers liability coverage against a series of accidents occurring on the property or in the home, not all policies cover accidental lockouts or lost key incidents. If you are a fresh homeowner and you would like to know which, if any, aspects of your home’s security are covered by your policy, either get in touch with your dedicated agent or read the terms and conditions on your own. You should have free and unrestricted access to all the information regarding coverage for lock replacement, lockout emergencies, and key change services, along with the limitations attached to them.

If you have been an owner for a number of years but never had to use homeowners insurance to cover a locksmith before, you should know that these types of services are, on occasion, featured by some homeowners insurance companies. They usually come in the form of add ons and they are not very frequent.

If you are lucky enough to benefit from such an add-on or you are considering paying for one for future reference, you will be enabled to file reimbursement claims for a number of home lock replacements or home lockout costs.

As a general rule of thumb, these homeowners insurance policies do not regularly cover the entirety of the costs of hiring locksmith services to handle an accidental lockout. Usually, such a policy may cover up to $100. Depending on the particularities of the lockout, some locksmith services may bill more than $100 to pick the locks, re-key or change the damaged mechanisms and provide new sets of keys, when this type of work is deemed necessary.

As mentioned before, to benefit from this cover, you will need to related deductible. The latter normally range between $500 and $1,000. While the great majority of home locksmith services will cost you less, it is usually more affordable to cover the related lockout costs with your own money without relying on any dedicated lockout protection assistance from your insurer.

Locksmith Expenses Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance does homeowners insurance cover locksmiths

If you do own a homeowners policy that covers locksmith services, it is important to know what type of expenses are normally included in the agreement.

Here are some of the most frequent locksmith services that may be covered by either homeowners insurance or some premium car insurance policies:

  • Damage caused by vandalism. In the event of your home being subject to an act of vandalism with emphasis on the door locks, it is possible to be reimbursed for any necessary lock repair or replacement costs.

  • Broken doors and windows due to natural disasters. Big storms, tornadoes, and other types of natural hazards that have wreaked havoc on your door and window locks may also fall subject to your homeowners insurance policy. Accordingly, the costs associated with hiring an expert locksmith to fix or change the damaged locks should be covered by the policy.

  • Missing or stolen keys. If you are dealing with a missing or stolen set of keys to your home due to theft, certain homeowners insurance policies may also cover the replacement costs for the keys.

  • Home safe theft. If you own a home safe that has fallen victim to vandals or burglars, you may also receive a reimbursement from your insurance company.

Does Home Insurance Cover Keys That Are Lost or Stolen?

A limited number of home insurance policies cover home key replacement service costs on top of home lockout emergency expenses. It is also possible to add the respective cover to the insurance policy for an extra cost. As an important side note, you should know that the cover only usually refers to keys that have been stolen from your home as a result of burglary or break-in. Missing or lost keys that have not been stolen are not usually subject to this type of coverage.

Provided you may decide to upgrade the security on your property by replacing the locks and cutting new sets of keys, the home emergency cover may also include the costs of these services. At times, the insurer may also provide these options while also contacting a preferred locksmith service for you.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Locksmiths?

Similarly to homeowners insurance, renters insurance will only usually cover lost key replacement costs in case your home has fallen victim to a break-in that has led to broken locks and stolen keys. Fortunately, key cutting and lock re-keying services for residential clients are not costly and they can be quickly tackled by our professional home locksmiths available 24/7.

If you need any additional information on the locksmith services covered by your current insurance premium, be sure to contact your insurance company. If you are interested in hiring advanced home security solutions, drop us a line or call (888) 429-4426 to get in touch with our experts!