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Auto Security Innovations Since the 90's

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In the 1990s car theft was at an all-time high. There was no such thing as keyless entry systems and other high-tech locking mechanisms. Over the last thirty years, the world has seen many technological advances that make our lives more convenient, easier and even safer. Innovations in security, from home alarm systems to vehicle tracking devices allow us to protect our assets more thoroughly and greatly reduce our risk of experiencing theft. Here we will discuss new locking systems, alarm innovations, and vehicle tracking options that can help to keep your vehicle safe in the simplest ways possible. Not so many years ago there was an undeclared competition among vehicle manufacturers to see who could include the largest number of cup holders around a vehicle's interior. Now, car manufacturers have taken care of innovation to the next level!

Today's High-Tech Car Technology Solutions For Security

Our team works hard to stay apprised of the latest technological advances and the newest car security systems on the market. At 24/7 Locksmith Service, our experts combine their years of experience with current knowledge with the changing market to provide you with the best recommendations and most customized plan for your car security.

Car Immobilizers

These devices make it difficult to hot-wire the car, but also give you the capability to shut down the car's engine in the case of theft. These usually work with a company that monitors the car through the immobilizer system and contacts you in the event of suspicious activity with your car. With the technology installed in your car, they can locate and shut down the vehicle so it can be retrieved.

Video Monitoring Systems

Cameras can be installed in your car to record what happens inside and around your car. Car cameras (also known as dashcams) are a great way to make sure your teen driver or employee is doing the right thing behind the wheel. Dashcams are also great for providing evidence in case of an accident or insurance dispute. Choose from any number of functions, from dual lens car security cameras that face inside and outside, to in-car video systems with night vision recording, accident sensors, built-in GPS logging software and more.

Automated Emergency Assistance Buttons

There are various kinds of programs now that allow you to call a company directly from your vehicle enable your vehicle to send monitoring information to the company in the case of an accident. The company is notified of suspicious activity with the vehicle and can try to contact you. If you do not respond, they can call for help and contact emergency services. This program not only keeps your vehicle safe but you and your family too.


These programs require a code to be entered before the engine can start. An immobilizer is an electronic security device fitted to an automobile that prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or another token) is present. This prevents the car from being "hot-wired" even after entry has been achieved and thus reduces motor vehicle theft. Research shows that the uniform application of immobilizers reduced the rate of car theft by 40%. The downside of immobilizers is that they make for more car lockout situations, but with our emergency number on hand, our nationwide automotive locksmiths can be there to fix the issue within half an hour, so installing an immobilizer it isn't really such a deterrent after all.

Built-In Bluetooth

This one has more to do with your personal safety and less to do with car theft prevention, but it is important enough to mention nonetheless: With phone distraction rapidly becoming commonplace and texting on phones almost as dangerous as drink driving, Bluetooth technology, which allows the smartphone device to synchronize with the car’s audio system, is critical to combatting driver distraction. Make sure the system is synced with your phone before you head out to avoid unnecessarily fumbling or unfocused driving.

High Tech Alarm Systems

You can customize the alarm system that is right for your particular vehicle. Some alarms can sound when the doors or windows are opened, and some sound if someone tries to start the car with the wrong key. Some even sound when there is pressure put on any part of the car, which is likely the greatest deterrent to theft.

GPS Vehicle TrackersModern car security technology

Parents wishing to expand on the Big Brother theme can purchase the LiveViewGPS Live Trac PT-10. Retailing for $550 with a $40 per month subscription fee, it is a GPS tracking system that updates a vehicle's position every 10 seconds. Watching it live requires only Internet access. Small and portable, the tracking device can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. It can also alert parents through their cell phone if the vehicle's preset speed threshold is exceeded or if the vehicle enters/exits certain areas. It and similar LiveViewGPS products are also handy tools for businesses that need to track their fleet vehicles.

Transponder Chips

These chips can be placed inside keys, fobs, or remotes and keep your car safe through a signal communication system. Cars are equipped with a chip that prevents the engine from starting if the transponder chip is not present in the vehicle, making it nearly impossible for someone to operate the vehicle through hot-wiring or copied keys.

Our car locksmith experts undergo training on a regular basis to ensure that they are always up to date and have the skills necessary to install and repair all of the latest auto security locking features in your vehicle.

Contact us today to learn more about the latest lock technology and car security solutions available to you!