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Business Lockout Prevention Guide

office door deadlock

door lock re-codeAre you a business owner, who is looking for an effective way to prevent office lockout issues? Keep your office more secure than ever with these office security tips from our commercial locksmiths. The most popular reason why business lockout issues happen is the fact that the locks installed in different parts of the business facility don’t really match the needs of the place that they should protect and limit access to.

For example, if there is a door that is supposed to be opened numerous times a day and there are no confidential documents or extremely valuable belongings kept behind it, it makes more sense to have a lock that has handles on both sides of the door. 

If lockout issues happen too often in one of the sections of your business and you are tired of calling a commercial locksmith technician every time it happens, it’s time to consider installing one of the following locks:

  • Key card lock – although at first look it doesn’t seem so different from a key, these locks can significantly decrease the frequency of lockout issues, if people hang their cards on their necks. It makes the cards easily accessible and hard to lose, at the same time.
  • Keypad locks – if a person tends to forget the keys inside one or another room, there is still a chance that this person will remember a 4-6 digits code. The biggest advantage of this option is that the code is not an object that can be stolen. Also, if you suspect that someone who shouldn’t know the code knows it, it won’t require any serious effort to change the code.
  • Bimetric Scanner locks – when such a lock is used, there is no need to carry any keys or cards. A fingerprint or iris print is also impossible to duplicate. This is the best way to prevent business lockout issues and to control access to your property at the same time.

If you want to prevent business lockout issues by using one of these locks, look for a locksmith company that is active in your area and let them know about your needs. Think well before you decide which type of lock will provide the best value for your money and fit your needs best!