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Access Control Systems For Commercial Spaces

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are excellent for restricting unauthorized access to sensitive areas inside commercial spaces. Find out everything you need to know about these commercial security systems and learn how your own business can benefit from them.

Secure Your Sensitive Office Areas With An Access Control System

Without a doubt, server, storage, and office rooms are some of the most sensitive areas inside any commercial building. They host highly confidential information such as client files and business plans, expensive equipment, computers, printers and scanners and they require high levels of security. The access to any unauthorized personnel and visitors needs to be restricted with the help of efficient solutions. At times, simple locks on doors will not suffice. An access control system, on the other hand, can keep potential intruders and employees who are not authorized to enter these areas at bay. An access control system that has been carefully planned, designed and implemented will do a good job at beefing up security on your most sensitive building areas. If you have already decided that you need such a system installed, get in touch with us and let us lend you a hand. We work fast, accurate and cheap. If you are still looking for more information on how access control cards and keypads work, read on.

Access Control Systems Explained

Access Control SystemsAn access control system is a generic term for the entire array of electronic systems that rely on computers for granting access to restricted areas inside a building. These systems use access cards, keypads or a mix of the two to enable authorized personnel to enter these spaces. Access cards are used to replace normal metal keys that usually grant access to research laboratories, hospitals, schools or storage warehouses. Access control systems that use access cards are comprised of the following components:

  • Card readers that use electricity to read the previously mentioned access cards. They come in one of two forms: proximity card readers or insertion card readers. A proximity card reader requires users to simply place the card next to the reader (similarly to a contactless debit or credit card issued from a bank). Insertion card readers require users to insert their cards into the device in order to check to complete the identity check and be granted access to the room or building. These card readers are usually fitted on the exterior of the respective doors they are supposed to secure.
  • Access cards play the role of electronic keys and they are encrypted with complex codes that are difficult to break. They can also be used along with classic door locks.
  • Keypads are also part of access control systems and they can also be installed and or separately. They feature numeric keys similar to the keys on a touchpad phone and they require a unique code each user to be granted access to the respective area. They work well when used with access cards.
  • Electronic locks and various other hardware devices hardware such as electric strikes can also be a component of an access control system.
  • Server computers play the role of access control system databases for commercial spaces and they are responsible for recording all the dates and times of all the entries. They also store and share the data with the control panels.
  • An intelligent controller manages all electronic locks, card readers, keypads codes and hardware components needed for granting and restricting access to visitors while complying with the previously set security protocols.

Types Of Access Control Systems

We can install and maintain:

  • Discretionary access control systems that allow the owner to decide who should be granted access to the building
  • Mandatory access control system for organizations that require high levels of confidentiality
  • Role-based access control systems that allow system administrators to assign access to certain job titles only

Professional Installation For Access Control Systems

Most access control systems are put in place by authorized vendors. After the installation is completed, a security coordinator will be responsible for supervising the system. The same persons will also be responsible for selecting the best software for the server and set up the right parameters that will grant access to the authorized personnel. Each access card needs to be connected to its corresponding card reader and be programmed to validate it when the right clearance code is used. Once this occurs, the authorized person will be granted temporary access (usually a few seconds) to the room or building. The clearance codes must be correctly defined so that all the necessary privileges can be defined in the right way.

Forced attempts to enter a door controlled with the help of an access control system will cause an alarm to go off into the building. Doors controlled with the help of cards readers will automatically unlock themselves at previously set hours. If you need additional help with the maintenance, repair or installation of an access control system, the Locksmiths Locator team is here to help. We specialize in the entire array of commercial security locks including intercom and access control systems. We can schedule an appointment, assess your exact needs and recommend the best solutions that will match your budget.

Electronic Keys For Access Control Systems

Provided you are already using such a system on your office building and you need some additional electronic keys made, you should hire an authorized commercial locksmith for it. We have rich experience cutting a variety of electronic keys on the spot, thanks to our advanced software and know-how. We can also assist you with a panic bar, monitoring cameras, panic buttons, window grill installation and repairs and a lot more. Get in touch with our friendly customer support team and let us know whether you need help with installing the latest card reader model on your office entryway or you need a sensor alarm fitted in the server room. We are trained, authorized, licensed and insured and we charge some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Take a look at our website for more information on what we could do for you.