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Best Intercom Security Systems - Features & Installation

Are you looking for a quick and safe way to control who gets in and out of your home or office without having to stop what you are doing every time? Consider installing an intercom security system. Whether you decide to invest in a complex system with fully-functional audio and video options, a smart home system you can control with your phone, or you are looking for a system with a basic audio function, the choice is yours. Different intercom systems serve different needs. If you are still trying to figure out exactly what you need, keep reading. We have compiled a brief guide that should tell you all you need to know about the best intercom security systems for homes and workplaces, their features, installation requirements, and repairs.

What Is an Intercom System?intercom security systems

Intercom systems are two-way communication systems that provide audio or visual links via control panels to home or workplace visitors. This allows you to easily identify and verify visitors and grant them access if needed.

Types of Intercom Systems

There are many different types of intercom security systems. Here are some of the most popular models you can currently invest in:

  • Buzzers for residential buildings 
  • Intercoms for commercial buildings 
  • Video intercom systems 
  • Single audio intercoms
  • Phone-based intercoms 
  • Wireless and IP-based systems
  • Internal intercom systems

As security experts, we specialize in working with the most reputable brands and manufacturers of intercom systems, including Linear, Alpha, Aiphone, Viking, Comelit, and Mircom. 

Why Install Intercom Security Systems?

1. Easy integration into other home automation systems.

These systems can be easily paired with smart home devices and managed from smartphones for extra convenience.

2. Live security footage solutions.

Video intercoms cameras record in real time. Accessing the footage is possible 24/7. All you need is good access to the internet. 

3. Excellent communication alternative.

Intercom systems allow you to communicate with anyone in and around your property, including family members, employees, and delivery persons. 

4. Strengthen security at the front door.

If you are looking for additional ways to strengthen protection on your front door, an intercom system can provide you with just that. By seeing who is at the door at all times, keeping an eye on your delivered parcels, unlocking the door for visitors, and knowing when not to open the door to unexpected visitors, you will get to enjoy more peace of mind. 

Which Intercom Systems - Wired or Wireless?

Wired intercoms are systems where the outdoor unit is hard-wired to indoor devices in each apartment or business unit inside a building. A wireless system is composed of devices that are intertwined in a wireless manner. Wired intercoms normally have fewer security vulnerabilities and they are also harder to tamper with since they are set up to reject or accept “pings” from the system meant to check their well-functioning. Wired intercoms also do not run out of power and their signal range generally is wider compared to their wireless counterparts. No one can spy on a wired system unless they decide to patch it into the wiring itself.  On the other hand, wireless intercom systems are cheaper to buy and a lot simpler to install. At the same time, communications on such a device can be easily eavesdropped on when other devices are tuned to the same frequency. Plus, signal loss can be a problem with wireless intercoms.

Why Install Video Door Intercom Systems? 

Video intercom systems feature surveillance cameras that are installed nearby the front door or gate of a property. When a visitor arrives, you will get the chance to decide whether to allow them to enter the premises or not. Since these systems are equipped with microphones, you can also communicate with your visitors. Depending on the model, this is also possible with the help of applications inside your home or workplace.

What are the Advantages of Access Control Systems?

Access control systems are an excellent addition to any property looking for enhanced access control for visitors and staff members. These systems allow you to offer selected entries and record and consult logging of all movements. The best access control systems with intercoms include monitoring for both small commercial installations and large systems shared by several sectors. This means your business space could benefit from state-of-the-art staff and access control to several areas. Take your pick from the sea of choices and enjoy their high degree of customization. Choose the most suitable access options for your exact needs, ranging from intercoms, keypads, card swipe systems, and other combinations. Access control system control panels can usually withstand harsh weather conditions. This means they are suitable for both interior and exterior installation.

Choose an access control system with a wireless proximity reader based on Bluetooth technology that can detect authorized credentials in the proximity and allow access into restricted areas or buildings. Pricier models feature functions that let users rely on mobile apps, clamshell or ISO proximity cards, and even smart keyfobs. Opt for a model with a signal range at which the reader can detect authorized credentials via wireless technology between 2-30ft when using a mobile app or up to 3ft when using a physical keyfob or a keycard.

Burglar Alarm Systems With Intercom

Burglar alarm systems with integrated intercom systems offer additional protection and better monitoring solutions for any residential home, business, or school facility. An alarm system will alert you whenever someone is coming into contact with a sensor installed inside or around your property. They can send instant notifications of intrusion and other types of emergencies including flooding or fire via wireless detection, wireless controls, window and door contact sensors, central stations, internet, cellular backup, and more. At the same time, intercom systems manage entrance via intercom systems customized to a building’s necessities and size. They come with expert tenant and property management solutions, video integration and access control, phone-based visitor entry options, and integration via mobile devices.

Business Intercoms

Business or commercial intercom systems have a more industrial design and they can be wired or wireless. They are built from materials that make them sturdier for harsh conditions. While wireless business intercom systems come with easy installation, they also provide more freedom of movement mobility compared to systems that require the use of handheld radio. Plus, some models have a range of up to a mile. It is possible to extend this range by adding external antennas. They are primarily used at access gates and doors and they are not meant to be used instead of phone systems.  

Some wireless models allow you to send messages to other stations or amplified wireless PA units. With the help of a wireless callbox, you could carry two-way conversations. A cell phone network intercom model allows you to call a landline, a mobile phone, or a Wi-Fi unit tied to an app installed on a smart device. A wired intercom system for businesses serves door and access gate monitoring purposes in areas where the wire can be run. Some systems can communicate with up to ten stations at a time, including desktop and door units. Simplified models only enable two-point communication.

Why Install Home Entrance Cameras?

The best video intercom systems for homes feature HD cameras, video doorbells, and door phone systems. They also support unlocking features, monitoring, and dual-way intercom systems for apartments, villas, and homes. This makes them a great addition to any home. Some models can be used together with electric door strikes to enable entry at the touch of a button. Others can be coupled with access control devices for adding video to a current access control setup. A smart home intercom system allows you to use a smartphone to open the doors remotely and see exactly who is at your door prior to granting them access.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Intercom Systems? 

While intercom systems come with many advantages, they can also have a few drawbacks. 

Pros of Intercom Systems

  • Enhanced convenience. Intercoms allow you to easily communicate with visitors at your door and let them in using a buzzer that can also be controlled by an app on a smartphone. 
  • Added security. Intercom systems add an extra layer of protection around the house by allowing you to screen all uninvited guests and decide who is allowed in. 
  • Better access control. Top video intercom systems are excellent at deterring potential burglars and improving your overall building entry experience.
  • Versatility. They can be used together with quality locks including smart locks and keycards. 
  • Affordability. Most systems are affordable and easy to find on the market.

Cons of Intercom Systems

  • In some cases, intercom system installation can be a lengthy, costly and complex process.
  • Limited range. Most wireless models have a very limited range. This becomes a problem for homes and business spaces large in size. 

What Are the Best Intercom Systems to Install? 

Depending on your budget, access control, and security needs, there are numerous intercom systems to look into. We have selected three of the most popular models you could consider installing:

1. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home 

This system is suitable for homes, and business spaces, and it can also be used as a room-to-room communication system. It comes with a powerful signal and top-notch sound quality and it is a long-range model with a 5280 feet range. The system has anti-interference features as well as talk, monitor, voice-operated exchange, and calling functions. It works well outdoors with the help of a power bank.

2. IST I2000 Music & Intercom Deluxe 5-Room Kit with Speakers

This model features a master patio station, five indoor stations that can be used indoors from room to room, ceiling speakers, and a Bluetooth receiver. This weather-resistant intercom system is a whole-home system that mixes music distribution with advanced intercom communications with crystal clear sound. You can answer the door, communicate with the rest of the members of the household, or even play music via any or all 20 stations part of the system. 

3. Echo Show 8 

Featuring a smart 8" HD screen and stereo sound and working well with Alexa, this intercom system lets you use video calling and messaging, make announcements through other devices inside the house, or instantly interrupt the camera and microphones with a simple tap or press of a button. The system can be used together with voice-controlled devices including control lights, thermostats, and security cameras. 

Final Intercom Thoughts

If you are ready to invest in an intercom system for your home or office space, set up a budget, do some more research to decide the exact features you would like to use, and ultimately select the system that would match all your needs. We are here for additional information and we offer professional intercom system installation, along with other security devices.