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Everything You Need To Know About Safe Cracking

All About Safe Opening

Safe-cracking is a term that refers to the process of opening a safe when no key or combination is available. Depending on the lock mechanism on the safe and the materials it is made of, different safe cracking procedures can be used for opening. If you would like to learn how to crack a safe as you are curious to learn more about the locksmithing field, here are a few of the most common procedures locksmiths put into practice today.

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How To Open A Safe Using Lock Manipulation

This is one of the most popular safe cracking procedures that Hollywood movie scripts have displayed to the public over the years. It refers to a zero-damage safe combination retrieval as well as the use of special bypass procedures to get the safe to open. While it may sound like a simple process, in reality, it is a method that takes several years to learn and even more to master, despite the fact that it does not require the use of any complex tools.

Lock manipulation is a technique that can be effectively applied to Group 2 safe locks. However, Group 1 locks can also be easily manipulated by the same method. Each number of the opening combination must be obtained in the correct sequence, by cautiously manipulating the lock using certain steps. Locksmiths need to focus on identifying any flaws they may be able to find inside the lock and work around them to learn the right combination. With the help of the proper lock manipulation technique, they will manage to recover all the safe combination numbers that you might have forgotten and unlocked the safe for you.

It is also possible to rely on an auto safe dialer installed on a computer or one part of a manipulation robot. However, this process can take more than 24 hours, even though recent years have introduced us to some more advanced lock bypass software and devices that use advanced robotics that can significantly cut the processing time. It is also possible to mimic human safe lock manipulation with the help of these devices. For this, it is necessary to feel and measure the mechanical moves that an experienced locksmith would use by using his vision, sense of feel and hear. The lock must be used against itself to measure any internal moves with each new number that is dialed.

If you have lost or forgotten the right lock combination to your safe, this manipulation works best as it causes no damages. However, it can be a lengthy process and its difficulty depends on the one-of-a-kind shapes of the wheels and the resting locations of the gates in relation to the wheels. Professional locksmiths can also use a number of advanced tools to manipulate combination locks faster and smoother.

Safe Combination Guessing Techniques

A safe can sometimes be easily cracked by simply attempting to guess the right opening combination. Since most safe manufacturers offer their own sets of try-out combinations for initial access to the safes, a locksmith or safe owner can check the factory combinations and put them to a test. More often than not, a safe owner will use a combination that is easy to guess in order to memorize it more easily. Birthdates and driver license numbers are some of the most common such combos that could be tested first.

Weak-Point Safe Drilling Methods

Safe Cracking by Locksmith LocatorComplex safes are more difficult to crack open using guessing or manipulation techniques. They can, however, be opened by using drilling practices as well as other physical procedures. The drilling must carefully follow the drilling-point instructions provided by the safe manufacturers in their safe specs. Each safe model comes with its own unique diagram or spec, which is almost impossible to come across unless you are the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith. If you own a high-security safe that requires point drilling for cracking, get in touch with us. We specialize in the entire array of safe drilling and cutting solutions and we have unrestricted access to diagrams for all brands and models of safes.

Safe lock drilling is also used to fix a broken lock or as an efficient lockout solution, with the drill holes enabling the person trying to crack a safe to see the combination lock. This is why most drill points are placed nearby the dial axis on the lock. However, observation may ask for top, side or back drilling. The lock technician will then try to manipulate the dial in an attempt to align its gates in such a manner so that the fence can fall and the bolt can be deactivated.

Most safes are protected against drilling or cutting forceful and unauthorized attempts with the help of steel and composite hard plates and chips that are meant to destroy a drill bit's cutting tips. Hard plates are used to make sure that regular drilling cutting cannot be used to effectively crack a safe, as it requires the special-purpose diamond discs or drill-bits that are made of tungsten-carbide. A safe made of composite hard plates will take even longer to crack open.

Cracking Modern-Day Safes With Re-lockers

Some high-security safes feature thermal re-lockers along with glass re-lockers that are meant to engage whenever the temperature reaches a certain limit. This is an excellent way of preventing the use of torches and thermal lances from forcefully opening a safe. Usually, a safe plasma cutter or a thermal lance's temperature can go as high as 3,990 °F, which is a lot higher than most of the regular oxyacetylene torches. They can be used to burn through metal, which is what safes are made of course. Other safe cracking methods used by crooks, in particular, refer to peeling pr punching a safe in order to get quick access. The punching method was originally invented by Pavle Stanimirovi, while peeling is a peculiar safe cracking method that refers to removing the safe's outer “skin”.

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