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Yacht and Boat Locksmith Services | 24/7 Locksmith Service

If you're looking for a locksmith for boats or yachts, call us now to have our boat locksmiths service your boat locks, boat lockouts, and more! If you own a yacht or a boat, you surely want to keep it secure. 

Our boat and yacht locksmith team can install new locks, repair the old ones, or do a checkup to make sure they’re alright. In fact, we can do any job that’s related to your boat's security.

Here are some of our boat locksmith services:Locksmith for boats

  • Extraction of jammed boat/yacht keys
  • Repairs of different types of boat locks
  • Boats lock replacements
  • Key duplication
  • Lost key solutions
  • Solving problems with ignition keys
  • Lock testing
  • Boat lockout service

The best thing about our boat locksmith services is that we provide them around-the-clock. So, if there’s something urgent (like a boat lockout, for example), just call us and our locksmith for boat/yacht will come by and fix it!

Locksmiths for Boat Lockouts

Lockouts are some of the most common problems that boat/yacht owner experience. It’s because they can happen so easily. You may lose your key or break it, or something might go wrong with the lock that gives you entry to your vessel.

In any case, boat lockout can be a real annoyance, but the good thing about it is that it can be solved easily. How? By asking professional boat locksmiths for help!

Boat Lockouts Caused by a Lost Key

Many people wonder is it possible to duplicate a key without the original. It is if you hire real experts for the job.

Our team of boat locksmiths only needs access to the lock, after which they won’t have any problems creating a new key. The best thing is that the whole process doesn’t last for too long. In fact, everything can be done in a matter of minutes, after which you will be able to get inside your boat again.

Boat Lockouts Caused by a Stuck Key

If the boat key gets stuck, the solution is to extract it. The problem is that this isn’t as easy as it might sound. If you do it improperly, you might end up with a broken key. To prevent that from happening, it’s best to give our locksmiths a call and let them extract the key for you.

Broken KeyBroken boat key replacement

It’s often the case that the boat/yacht owners are impatient to wait for the locksmiths to come by and deal with the stuck key. That’s why some of them decide to deal with the problem on their own, using force to extract the key. Unfortunately, in most cases, the result is a broken key.

If this has happened to you, don’t worry, because even this isn’t too difficult for our locksmiths. Not only will they take out the part of the key that’s stuck but they’ll also make a new key at once.

Boat Lock Replacements

Apart from calling us when there’s some problem with your boat/yacht door lock, you can call us if you wish to improve the security of your vessel. In order to achieve that, we advise you to replace all old-fashioned locks with high-tech locks, which are much more difficult to break or pick. Some types of modern boat locks that we recommend installing include the following.

Electronic Padlocks

The clue is in the name – electronic padlocks are just like the old-fashioned mechanical padlocks; the only difference being that you have to type in the right code in order to unlock it. Some types of electronic padlocks come with built-in sirens that start making noise if someone tries to unlock it by force.

Keypad Locks

Similarly to electronic padlocks, these locks also require you to enter the right code in order to get access. The only difference is that they’re installed into the boat door, which isn’t the case with electronic padlocks.

Electronic-Entry Locks

These locks are almost the same as keypad locks, the main difference being that code isn’t used. Instead, these locks use a remote, a keycard, or something similar.

Our Yacht and Boat Key Services

Apart from solving all the issues related to the keys on doors of your boat or yacht, we can also help out with problems related to the ignition. For example, if the ignition key got stuck or broken, we’re the ones to call!

Jammed Ignition Key Removal

If the ignition key is stuck, you will not be able to take it with you. This means that unless you solve the problem, it will stay in the boat. So, if someone breaks in, they will be able to turn the boat engine on and go wherever they want.

Yacht Key Ignition Keys

If you try to extract a stuck ignition key, you might end up breaking it. If that happens, you won’t be able to turn on/off the engine. The only good thing about this is that our team can handle it. In fact, we can solve the problem very quickly.

Lost Boat Key Replacement

Without the ignition key, you won’t be able to turn on the engine of your boat/yacht. So, if you’ve lost it, just call us and we’ll make another key for you. We just need access to the ignition lock, nothing else. And we’ll fix the problem on the spot so that you’ll be able to use your boat/yacht right away.

Our yacht and boat locksmith services will make any problem go away, so if there’s something you need to feel free to give us a call! We’re available 24/7!