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Tesla Car Locksmith Service

Do you need expert Tesla car locksmith services at competitive prices? Get in touch with us right now! We specialize in all key fob problems on all Tesla models. We can reach you in less than half an hour and help restore access to your luxury electric vehicle on the spot. Give us a call to schedule a key fob replacement, key fob repair, or key fob battery replacement. We work faster than any car dealership in town while charging the most affordable rates. 

Founded in 2003 by American entrepreneurs Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning and carrying the name of Serbian American inventor Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors is a popular American manufacturer of electric cars, car batteries, solar panels, and home power storage solutions. The company is best known for its electric cars. In 2008, Tesla released Tesla Roadster, its pioneer electric sports car. 

Tesla models we provide services for:

  • tesla car locksmith servicesModel S
  • Model S Plaid
  • Model Y
  • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Model 3 Performance
  • Model X
  • Model X Plaid
  • Model Y Long Range
  • Model Y Performance

Types of Tesla Keys 

Tesla cars are equipped with three main types of keys: phone keys, key cards, and key fobs. 

Tesla Phone Keys - How Do They Work?

A phone key allows drivers to set up their personal phones as their "phone keys" that will be connected to the vehicle via Bluetooth. With the help of a phone key, drivers can automatically lock and unlock their vehicles. 

Key Cards for Tesla Cars 

Key card owners can communicate with their Tesla cars via short-range radio-frequency identification signals. The cards can also be used to add and remove additional phone keys, key cards, and even key fobs when several drivers need to use the car.  Tesla supplies drivers with two Tesla key cards that can perfectly fit into a wallet. Key cards can be used for locking and unlocking the vehicle by positioning the card against the card reader found below the Autopilot camera. Once the vehicle successfully detects the key card, the mirror will start to unfold, the exterior lights will start flashing, the horn will sound, and the doors will either lock or unlock or lock. if you are unable to use the locking or unlocking key card functions, get in touch with us. We can assist you with assessment solutions and top repair services suitable  

Key Fobs for Tesla Cars

Tesla key fobs resemble the miniature version of the vehicle itself. The Tesla badge represents the front. The key fob features three different buttons identified thanks to their softer surface feel on the surface. To unlatch the lock on the front trunk, drivers must double-click the corresponding button. The second button allows drivers to lock all doors and the front and rear trunks with just one click. To unlock the doors and trunks, a double-click is needed. The third button on the Tesla key fob lets drivers control the locking and unlocking of the rear trunk. A  double-click is needed to unlock the rear trunk. 

To open the charge port door, drivers must hold down the button for up to two seconds. To power up the vehicle, drivers need to press the brake pedal within 120 seconds after pressing the unlock button on the key fob. Waiting any longer will require drivers to press the unlock button once more, or place the key fob next to the card reader found behind the cup holders on the center console. Once the key fob is detected, the two-minute authentication will resume. If you are having problems locking or unlocking your vehicle using the available key fobs, give us a call. we can reach you in under 30 minutes and provide you with the exact service that you need.  Key fobs for electric Tesla cars also support automatic locking and unlocking options and they can be used as a backup to regular phone keys. Model Y cars, for example, support 19 keys in total, including up to four key fobs, key cards, and phone keys. 

Solutions for Missing or Stolen Tesla Car Keys 

Our experts can help you tackle any problems caused by a missing, stolen, or lost key fob, phone key, or key card. While it is possible to drive a Tesla car without a key, you will not be able to power the vehicle back on once it will power off. Get in touch with us if you need professional Tesla key fob replacement services at affordable prices. While phone keys and key fobs support automatic door locking and unlocking features, this is not also the case for key cards. Provided you are dealing with a stolen or missing phone or a drained phone battery emergency that is preventing you from using the phone key to control security and access on your vehicle, you should still be able to use a key card to unlock, lock, and drive your Tesla car.

Tesla Car Key Fob Battery Replacement

Usually, Tesla key fob batteries are designed to last for up to one year, depending on the exact version of the key fob version and the chosen setting for the car. To know when the battery is running low, Tesla drivers can check for a corresponding message displayed on the touchscreen. In the event of a worn-out or dead battery on a key fob, it is still possible to drive the car by scanning the key fob using the dedicated card reader found on the driver's side door pillar. To have the key fob battery replaced, the key fob must be placed button side down and the bottom cover needs to be released. With the help of a small flat-bladed tool, our Tesla locksmiths will proceed to remove the dead battery by carefully lifting it away from the clips holding it in position. Our technicians will make sure to prevent touching the flat surfaces of the battery while inserting the new CR2032 battery in using in the correct position.

Tesla Car Key Fob Repair and Replacement 

Given the complexity and innovative technology part of a Tesla car, the entry system requires professional repair and replacement. Our experienced and skilled Tesla locksmiths have the bright know-how, machinery, and software needed to provide you with repair solutions or replacement options. We work with all Tesla keys for all types of Tesla models, including Tesla Model S, Tesla Model M, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model Y, and so on. If your key fobs have been severely affected by high temperature, wax, liquid spills, solvents, or abrasive cleaners, get in touch with us and allow us to provide you with the timely and convenient Tesla locksmith services you need.

Tesla Lock Repairs 

We also provide Tesla lock repair services at affordable prices. After careful assessments, our technicians will recommend the most suitable, affordable, and risk-free solutions. we work with top tools and machinery and we guarantee flawless workmanship. 

Competitive Tesla Car Locksmith Prices 

Whether you need emergency Tesla lockout solutions on the side of the road or a replacement key fob, give us a call. We can reach you in 20 to 30 minutes for emergencies. Get in touch with us, tell us what Tesla model you need assistance with and we will provide you with a free and transparent price quote on the spot. We take great pride in our 

Contact our local Tesla locksmith call centers for quick, affordable, and professional locksmith services!