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Get Your Car Key Replaced Immediately

As unfortunate as it may sound, having to handle a car key emergency is one of the most common things that we get called for. As a professional mobile car locksmith service provider, we are getting a tremendous amount of different queries from people who are having hard times finding their car keys and want us to get them new ones made as soon as possible.

What is more, it is oftentimes the case that someone has lost his keys to his car and he wants to conveniently protect his property by replacing the lock and getting new car keys made. This is where we step into the picture to provide you with affordable and high-end car key replacement services.

A few years back, if you had lost your car keys, this was an inconvenience which is particularly challenging and you’d had to rectify by going to the local hardware store. It’s true that technology wasn’t so involved and advanced back then. Of course, it is also important to note that simpler car keys, as well as their ignition, was nowhere near to providing the same amount of protection against car burglars. As a matter of fact, it is absolutely no wonder that car thefts were at their all-time back in the 90s. Things have changed. Our car key replacement procedures take little to no time while we can have your car keys made on the spot, without you having to come to us. There are, however, different types of keys that you might have and that’s why our services cover a broad spectrum of options. Let’s have a look the keys that you might have.

Standard Keys

Obviously, basic car keys used to be the most commonly used types that are in models from the 1990s. They are particularly simple and they usually do not come with any serious security features. Standard keys come with specific grooves as well as cuts which are going to match with the lock placed within a specific model of a car. It functions just like your regular front door key. This is why they are relatively inexpensive as you compare and stack them against different ones.

Transponder Keystransponder keys

Transponder keys, on the other hand, have nothing to do with the basic ones apart from the appeal. If you will notice, the transponder car key is going to have a larger piece of plastic on top of the metal part and that’s where the magic lies. Inside this particular piece of plastic, you will find a smaller transponder chip which is going to contain a responder. As soon as the responder is matched with the transmitter of the engine, you will get the car unlocked, allowing it to be driven. So if you're in a car lockout because of a malfunctioning transponder key, you should definitely give us a call and let us handle this.

Laser Cut Keys

This is another commonly used car key which uses a rather specific pattern on both of its sides and it could be inserted in the ignition particularly easy. This is a machine cut and it’s needed to make it possible for us to replace the car keys. It is a bit more expensive and that’s why you might actually have issues finding reliable professionals to provide you with the affordable services that we actually do.

Switchable Keys

repair or replace car keys

These are fun and folded and are particularly interesting to use. They pop out when you click a button. Keep in mind that even though they use fancy equipment, their replacement is rather affordable and it’s not going to be an issue.

Proximity Smart Keys

These are by far the latest invention in the world of car keys and they are definitely the greatest one. They are particularly protective and they are also incredibly convenient because they do not have to be pulled out of your pocket. These are a bit pricier but it is most definitely all worth it when it comes to it.

We can help you out!

With professional locksmith service providers across the entire country and with the necessary equipment to handle an array of different services, we are here to ensure that everything is handled as per the highest industry standards. We are going to make sure that we arrive at your location within 30 minutes of placing the call, regardless of which city you are in the entire country. We are a nationwide service provide and we take pride in the speed that we manage to service our clients.

Our Guarantees

All of the above means nothing if we fail to back it up conveniently. We offer you a 90-day guarantee which basically means that you can call us second time in the next 90 days after we’ve gotten you key handled and if we’ve failed at providing you with a good job, the repair will be entirely free of charge. This is a serious guarantee but we are perfectly comfortable with it because we know how valuable and effective our services actually are. This is something of tremendous important and we like to put our money where our mouth is. Everything we promise – we deliver.

When you need your car unlocked , call us to take advantage of our affordable car key replacement and repair services. Our car locksmiths are reliable and can help you out in situations when you need them the most.