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Privacy Policy

This policy applies to the information sent by any of our customers thru our e-mail estimate option.

Our e-mail administrator wipes out all e-mails from our server every week.

Locksmiths Locator does not in any circumstance collect and store a users data for marketing puproses.

Locksmiths Locator does not deliver any information to 3rd parties.

The information we receive (such as mobile phone numbersaddressesnames etc…) by a customer is only used to contact such a customer with an estimate for the requested service, either by e-mail or phone in the case that a phone number was supplied.

Opt-out : We do not keep a mailing list of customers but in the event that a visitor feels his or her mail has been compromised by Locksmiths Locator feel free to contact us and our manager will contact you within 1 business day to sort out the trouble you are experiencing.

Google Analytic Data

This website uses “Google Analytics” TM for statistical data for the betterment of this site.

Google analytics uses “cookies” to track a visitors interactions within the site.

Google analytics uses IP addresses to track the general location of a user, typically within a given city.

Google Analytics does not track personal information.

Google has a browser plug-in which enables you, the visitor, to opt-out of any communications with the google servers.

Learn more about the Google Browser opt-out here.

For all the detailed information provided by Google click here.