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Transponder & Remote Car Keys - Is There a Difference?

Transponder Keys

Every car key chip is programmed with a special serial number, which is unique from the very beginning. A transponder key cannot work on its own. It has to be connected to the receiver located in the ignition of the car so it can work. If your transponder key is close to the above-mentioned receiver, it will see if the serial number matches perfectly or not. If the signal given by the key matches the signal from the receiver, the locks in the car will unlock immediately. After you do that, you can start your car.

If the transponder key is broken or it was stolen from you, don’t worry and call our professional car locksmiths. We can provide you with different kinds of services, from reprogramming the smart key, through repairing it to making a copy.

There are two different types of car keys: a transponder key and a remote key. You should know the difference between them. If you have any kind of problems — the key does not want to work anymore, you left your key somewhere and you have no idea where it is — you will call the expert to help you with that and you might be surprised why you have to spend so much money on fixing the key or why you have to wait longer than only a few minutes. The general difference is that the remote key is programmed in a different way than the transponder key.

Transponder Key or Remote Key - What's the Difference?

Both keys, the transponder and the remote one look basically the same, however, they differ in what they have inside. What’s interesting, most of us have no idea which one we own, and we find out only when something is wrong, and it needs to be fixed.

remote key fob

The remote key has to security levels. One is the ability to lock and unlock the car by putting the key in the lock. The second one is connected with the ability to do the same but by using the radio frequency which activates when we push the button on the key. The radiofrequency is adjusted specifically to this particular key so not only you can lock or unlock the car but also turn on the alarm or open the window. The remote key allows you to use your car alarm or door or window lock without having to manually use the key.

The transponder key also uses the radio frequency method to lock or unlock the car door lock, but it has one more level of security. Inside the transponder key, there is an electronic chip added which connects with the ignition lock’s signal. In simple words, if there is a thief who wants to steal your car and tries to open the car lock, even if he manages to turn off the alarm, he will not be able to turn on the engine. This method of security is known among thieves, so they usually avoid stealing new cars and they focus on those which rather don’t have this system installed.

How to check what kind of key we have - transponder or remote?

The first thing that we can do is, of course, asking the locksmith. He will be able to open the key and check it for you, so you know for future reference. The other way is to read what kind of keys your manufacturer or car dealer has. Maybe it will be only one type of key that they are dealing with, so you will have your answer immediately. The last option is to use the aluminum foil. If the foil is wrapped around the key and you are not able to use it because it is not connecting with the car, it means it is a transponder key. The foil doesn’t let the electronic signal reach the car, so it cannot be transmitted.

What to do if a transponder key is missing?

The transponder or remote key can be lost, like any other key, and it will have to be replaced with the new one. That’s why we are here for transponder key fobyou — Locksmith Locator is what you need to get help. Replacing the transponder key is, unfortunately, a long and complicated process. Every key has its own codes and algorithms and that’s why only an expert with proper knowledge, experience, and a special program will be able to replace or fix it if it’s possible.

Whatever the type of transponder key you have, your car cannot determine it. You can have a zero-bitted key that doesn’t have the inscription preset or the encrypted key. The zero-bitted key can be made by putting your key inside out tool and then placing the blank one. The encrypted key already has the preset which is programmed to your car. It can be made by putting the new key in the lock and using our tool to connect to the OBD port in your car. Thanks to our tool, a special encrypted key can be added to the security system in your car.

If you ever have any problems with determining the type of the key, you have or you need help with fixing your key — call us and we will gladly help you with any locksmith issues!