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Top 10 Security Innovators Of All Time

security innovations

The amazing work of these talented and skilled innovators focused on finding new ways of improving security on all levels for people. Some of them have created such powerful innovations that their work has continued to remain a constant presence in our lives even today.

Since creating an exhaustive list of all the greatest security innovators of all time would be practically impossible, we are going to mention a few of the most remarkable names out there. Each of the individuals on this list has made a contribution to the field of security while relying on the work of others before him, which should make the following information even more interesting.

Without further delay, here are ten of the most famous and important security innovators in history:

#1: Linus Yale Jr. Invented The Modern Pin Tumbler Lock

yale lockThe same innovator is also part of the same Yale generation that the world-famous Yale University is named after. Linus has managed to make himself known and heard of thanks to his remarkable artistic talent topped by his mechanical mind. His father Linus Yale Sr. contributed to the creation of today's modern locks and keys. His work started with bank locks and keys, and it was taken a few steps forward after his passing with the help of his son who was brought closer to locksmithing. Cylinder locks were on Linus Yale Jr.'s mind, and his ideas culminated in 1860 when he created the very first design of the modern pin tumbler lock. He also had a fascination for combo locks for safes and he is called the father of modern-day security – and for good reason.

Yale was also the one who first acknowledged the fact that no lock on the face of the Earth was entirely safe and unbreakable.

#2: Abraham O. Stansbury, The Father Of The Double-Acting Pin Tumbler Lock

In 1807, Stansbury received a patent for a pin tumbler lock he invented half a century prior to Linus Yale JR. receiving his own patent. This would make Stansbury's patent the first one to ever be received for this type of locks. His patented lock was called the Egyptian lock given the fact that its design was a result of the information Stansbury collected on the locking mechanisms in Ancient Egypt. Yale would, later on, rely his own invention on this particular lock. The famous inventor was also a physician who is known for having written a letter to Thomas Jefferson.

#3: Joseph Bramah And The H-Cut Lever

Bramah was a genuine inventor in the purest sense of the word. He brought his contribution to the creation of the hydraulic press and the improvement of the “water closet” design. A simple glance at Robert Barron's lever lock made him come up with a better version of the design. His particular thoughts about cutting the letter H along with the lever in order to make the lock more resistant in face of burglary attempts were particularly useful. His new design ideas led the way to one of a kind keys that would further withstand break-in attempts.

#4: Robert Barron, The Inventor Of The Double-Acting Lever Lock

By far one of the most sensitive and essential inventions in the trade, the double-acting lever lock brought along the idea using a unique key. People's perception regarding the insecurity of locks, in general, was soon to be put to rest with the help of his patent. Up to this point, the general perception was that anyone could open a lock, provided they understood the way it worked since there was no working key in use. The new patent introduced the idea of using a key for the first time. The purpose of the key was to lift the lever, grip the bolt and pull in back in order to open the lock.

#5: Jeremiah Chubb And The Chubb Detector Lock

The Chubb detector lock was a lever lock that relied on the step pattern key that had several double-acting levers. However, it came with a twist. Namely. Ince the interior levers were elevated too high, they locked into place and prevent the rightful key to open the lock. An additional key was needed to make the lock unusable again, with the right key that had to be inserted post lever reset. The main disadvantage of the level lock prior to the Chubb era was the fact that the lock came from the fact that once they would reveal a break-in attempt, it could only be opened with the help of forced entry. Chubb came along and brought along the reset for the detector. For three whole decades, the English enjoyed the un-pickable locks that protected their valuables and prevented people from having to use bank safes.

#6: Vivant Denon, The Father Of Ancient Egypt Lock Research

vivant denonThanks to his impressive research that mostly focused on early security methods used in Egypt, the security innovators that followed him were able to complete their work. Denon, another top security innovator worth mentioning here, is the earliest person history has identified as an expert in security documentation. He was also the very first Director of the Louvre Museum, a title that he received from Napolean Bonaparte himself. Their friendship and companionship during their trips to Egypt where he gathered materials for further artistic ventures convinced Napoleon to give him the position in the first place. Egyptian lock curation, later on, helped Denon come up with the extremely valuable notes that allowed him to set the tone for the upcoming security innovations that followed.

#7: Alfred Charles Hobbs Picked The Bramah Lock

This famous American locksmith is yet another top security innovator that decided to give his best shot at picking the newly improved Bramah lock. He managed to rove anyone thinking the lock was impossible to pick wrong, thus once again change the way locks were regarded.

#8: Henry Robinson Towne Created The Yale And Towne Lock Company

Today's Yale locks are so popular thanks to his contribution to the creation of this impressive company. His partnership with Linus Yale Jr. and advanced knowledge helped him create the perfect market for security devices produced on a large scale. He wrote the book “Locks and the Builders Hardware: A Hand-Book For Architects” which is amazingly useful for people who wish to gain a deeper insight into the state of the security during his time.

#9: Marc Weber Tobias And His Better Testing Parameters Campaign

This is a contemporary security innovator famous for his dedication to finding the flaws in top locks and other security devices everyone praises as being unbeatable. He studied the vulnerabilities of the popular Medeco locks and lobbied for better lock testing parameters that the Medeco company would use to better handle the security flaws Tobias discovered.

#10: James Sargent Created The Best Safe Combination Dial Of His Time

His excellent mechanical engineering skills allowed him to create the Magnet Bank Lock, a safe combination dial that was called the best one of its time. Today, you may notice the name Sargent and Greenleaf on your own safe dial or on a padlock. Their products are considered some of the sturdiest and safest on the planet.

With all these great security inventions there is a need for someone to install and maintain them. This is where Locksmiths Locator comes into the picture. Contact us today for a security assessment for your Residential, Commercial or Automotive needs.