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Stuck Key Removal From Ignition

There are lots of factors that could cause your car keys to get stuck in the ignition. At times, the problem is small and can be quickly fixed by drivers themselves or a nearby automotive locksmith. Otherwise, a severe fault in the ignition cylinder could require some more complex solutions. The 24/7 Locksmiths Locator team can assist you with the entire array of jammed keys in ignition problems, no matter how simple or complicated. We have the right tools, manpower, and know-how needed to reach any address in the US in less than 30 minutes and provide you with professional assistance at affordable prices. Call us at (888) 429-4426 now and let us immediately send over the nearest local mobile locksmith in your area!

Stuck Key Extraction Services We Provide

Rely on us for any of the following problems:

  • jammed key removal from ignition

  • broken key removal

  • rusty key extraction

  • ignition repair services

  • ignition installation

  • replacement keys

Jammed Key Removal From Ignition Services

Our team fully understands and anticipates the need for fast, accurate and completely safe jammed or broken key extraction services. This is why our technicians travel with fully-equipped vans and can rapidly reach any GPS location within half an hour and extract any type of key from any vehicle brand or model. We only work with the most advanced, industry-certified key extractors from reputable manufacturers that guarantee top results every time.

Our licensed and authorized car locksmiths work with advanced tools like special extractor pliers, saw-tooth extractors, sidewinder extractors, and three-piece extractor toolsets, to name a just a few of the most common equipment we use. The best key extractor tools that produce the best results feature small tips that allow us to reach the narrowest spaces. This allows our locksmiths to extract a jammed or stuck key from any model and brand of vehicle.

We also use sidewinder shim extractors to fix any jammed key in the ignition problem. These tools rely on bent fingers that can slide along the key's blade and also use thin shims and tapered noses. The sidewinders will accurately lift the pins and take them out of the way so that the bent finger can proceed to penetrate the cut of the key. This is when our locksmith will pull the broken or stuck key out. This procedure works best on cars that come with high-security lock systems.

How To Quickly Assess A Jammed Key In Ignition

Stuck Key Removal From Ignition Locksmith LocatorAt times, you could personally fix a jammed key and ignition issue without having to hire a professional locksmith to help you. For this, you will first need to pay attention to a few important aspects:

  • see that the car is in parking, for vehicles with automatic transmissions. If you are driving a car with a regular transmission, make sure that the parking brake is up. Lots of vehicles will automatically prevent you from starting the engine while the car is still in gear. If the car is not set in parking, you will not be able to remove the key from the ignition.

  • try to gently jiggle the steering wheel back and forth a few times in an attempt to help the key turn by creating some extra free space. The majority of steering columns will usually automatically lock and prevent starting the ignition when the wheel is placed in the locked position.

  • use some silicone spray or electrical contact cleaner to spray the ignition slot and clean any traces of dirt or debris on the cylinder.

  • if you cannot turn the key, but you can still pull it out of the slot, use a spare car key. If you do not have a spare key in general, give us a call and let us make one for you. We work with the most advanced key-cutting machines and we have access to specifications for thousands of different vehicle brands and models.

  • if you know how to use a pair of pliers and a tack hammer, you could attempt to personally fix the jammed key problem. You need to take a look at the cylinder's tumbler and see if it has remained stuck into a position that is preventing the springs from functioning normally. Usually, a few light taps on the tumbler will suffice to remove the key.

Lots of drivers tend to get anxious, angry and frustrated while dealing with a jammed key in the ignition. This automatically leads to problems such as fiddling with a key using too much force and ending up with a broken key or damaging the ignition. If you do not trust your ability to assess the problem or try to fix in on your own, give us a call. Our many years of experience working in the field enable us to immediately diagnose the problem and use the appropriate key extraction tools to fix the problem on the spot.

Worn-out Key Replacement

If the main culprit that has caused the key to remain stuck in the ignition is worn-out or severely damaged, bent, rusty or broken key, we can immediately come and extract your key from the ignition and cut a duplicate key or key replacement for you on the spot. Avoid dealing with a snapped key in the ignition slot problem in the future by calling an authorized car locksmith as soon as you notice the key is not working right.

Call now, get your free price quote over the phone and schedule an appointment with us, or let us immediately send over the nearest mobile locksmith to your address. We can save you precious time and money by reaching you in less than half an hour and safely removing any jammed key from the ignition.