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Securing Your Home While on Vacation

Securing your home while away
  • When your door lock is rusting with age, or it seems more wobbly and less secure than it should be, then it is the time to have it repaireded or changed. The same goes for old windows or windows that aren’t properly secure.  if you haven’t gotten around to fixing possible security breaches in your home until now, then it's time to take action! Knowing that you will be away from home for any length of time should be all the motivation you need to make that call Locksmith Locator Service who will respond right away and help you out with all your residential locksmith needs.
  • Once you’ve ensured that your house is sealed off properly, you can start to think up creative ways of tricking potential thieves into thinking you aren’t away from home at all. There is no one specific rule about tricking home burglars, people come up with all sorts of creative ideas like leaving a pair of shoes just outside the front door, or scattering dog toys around the front yard. The possibilities are endless, so think outside the box!
  • Never post about your vacation online in advance of your trip or while you’re away. When you return home, you can let the entire world know about all the details of your excursions, but when you’re traveling halfway around the world, do you really want strangers knowing the amount of time you are away from home for? Seeing pics of the five-star hotels you’re staying at lets internet predators know that you have very expensive taste, which means that you are likely to also have valuable items that are worth stealing at home.
  • Think about lighting and sound, as they are the two most obvious giveaways that you are away from home. Lights should not be left on all day and night for days at a time, as it acts as an obvious clue to home burglars that you are away. Your lights should also not stay off 24/7 for the same reason. You can go out and buy a small light timer that will let you set the exact hours of the day and night that you want each light in your house on for. Sound too should not be left on or off for the duration of your trip, you can purchase a timer which will allow you choose which hours of the day and night you want your radio to be on for.