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The Surprising Pitfalls Of Windowed Doors

Windowed Doors Pitfalls

If you are considering having one or several windowed doors installed around your home, you should first learn about their main known issues. Shortly put, French or sliding glass doors could both pose a security threat to your property, and the same goes for a simple window door. Let's find out what are a few of the biggest disadvantages of these doors and whether they are worth it to even have them installed in your house.

Why Are Windowed Doors So Popular?

Windowed DoorsFor starters, we should look into some of the reasons why so many people choose to have these doors installed inside and around their homes, with special emphasis on contemporary homes. Aesthetics is probably the number one factor that is influencing their decision, as these doors definitely add to the overall style and design of any home or a particular room. These doors come in different shapes and sizes and they can be anything from French doors to sliding glass doors or patio doors. The excellently appealing wood-work these doors are known to have all throughout the glass panes are also contributing to their increased popularity.

Whether you are considering such a door as a means of bringing together the kitchen and the dining room or another room of the house, you will benefit from a lot of additional natural light from the sun throughout the day, as well as new angels for admiring your front or back yard. If you are all about the fresh air getting inside your home early in the morning or late at night, minus the annoying bug situation, you should go ahead and consider these windowed doors as a genuine option, only you will have to combine them with some sort of bug net to prevent those pesky bugs from coming into the house when you do open the window on your glass door.

Drawbacks Of Windowed Doors

  • Installation may be more difficult. Installing a windowed door is prone to take more time and require bigger efforts, especially if you are thinking about opting for a sliding door. Since installation is not limited to a simple door fitting inside some hinges or a standard door frame, but rather installing the necessary tracks on the door frame at both the top and the bottom, you will need to spend some more time completing the process. Keep in mind that by improperly fitting the frame onto the tracks, you will risk looking at a crooked door for the rest of your life. Plus, if you are extremely sensitive to all types of noise, you may need to pay even more attention to the way the wheels align with the tracks, so you are not bothered by the opening sound every time someone uses the door.

  • Accumulated dirt can cause a windowed door to jam. When exposed to continuous dust and dirt in the atmosphere, a sliding door is likely to start jamming. In other words, it is more difficult to move or close the right way. Jamming is more commonly found in glass and aluminum doors, given their heavier weight and difficulty in moving. This will result in additional home security issues you will need to take care of.

  • Improper installation requires a second fitting. When the installation is done by an inexperienced person, there is the risk of the door misaligning from the tracks. This will automatically ask for a second sliding door fitting and lead to more time, money and energy wasted.

  • Windowed doors require proper maintenance. You will need to find the extra time to grease any sliding door tracks to prevent them from getting jammed. If you want your doors to move without you putting any effort into it, you will need to schedule periodical maintenance and stick to it. Given the large amounts of grime and dirt, mold and mildew that are prone to gather in between the grooves of the tracks, regular cleaning and vacuuming is a must.

  • Windowed doors can be expensive. If you are looking to invest in a door that is energy-efficient and can lower your monthly heating bills, you should get ready to pay a higher price. Windowed doors made of high-quality materials will be worth it as they will handle repetitive use better than poor quality doors. Some people might opt for aluminum sliding doors for their affordable prices, but they may disregard the fact that they live in areas with extreme temperatures that will influence the way their windowed doors will react in the cold season. For example, ice will prevent them from opening the doors the right way.

  • Windowed doors can pose a security threat. French door, sliding and patio doors are more vulnerable in the hands of potential intruders. Burglars can simply smash the windows and make their way in, especially of the doors are not endowed with any additional security measures.

Tips For Boosting Security On Windowed Doors

  • Add powerful locks to the latch of your windowed door to prevent it from being broken into too easily. Use security bars made of metal or wood inside the tracks of a sliding door so you can prevent any tampering.
  • Use small chains featuring a fastener on the handles of the door so you can enjoy extra protection and prevent any break-in attempts.
  • Use motion sensor alarms and rely on security films for windows to fortify the glass panes. They are excellent during powerful wind and high pressure exerted during burglary attempts and they can be installed by door technicians or expert locksmiths for homes.

If you are looking to install some new windowed doors, glass front door or make some modifications to your door frames to accommodate these types of doors, we warmly advise you to consider increasing security on them so you can fortify the overall security of your home.

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