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Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe & Secure

motorcycle security tips

Motorcycles, just like cars, are stolen from neighborhoods all over the United States. While no one can guarantee that your bike will not be stolen, we can teach you how to make it really difficult for thieves to even think of stealing yours.  Learn how to make your motorcycle safe, secure, and theft-free with the tips we have provided below.

Let’s face it. Motorcycles appear to be a bit easier to steal than say, a car or van, because frankly- they are. They are smaller, easier to ride off with, and often present as an easy- opportunity steal. There is no one, particular place from which motorcycles are stolen, stripped for parts, or otherwise lifted, either.  Motorcycle thefts happen on city streets, in suburban garages, in the middle of farmland, and absolutely everywhere in between.

Take a look at our 10 realistic tips on how to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen, and keeping it safe, secure… and yours!

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

  • Lock your motorcycle to an immovable, heavy object

This may seem like rather obvious advice especially if you have been riding a motorcycle for a while. Nevertheless, it is often when we are used to doing something that we tend to slack off and get careless. In short, make sure that your bike is locked securely to something that can not be broken, cut, sliced, or otherwise moved from where it is.

  • Do not overly customize your bike

Sure it is great to have accessories that match your style and express your tastes. And it is just as great to have a bike that is decked to the nines with the latest gadgets, gizmos, and features.  If you do not want your bike stolen, however, do your best to make your bike less obvious, less ostentatious, and less like your home. Overdoing it tells would-be thieves that you value your bike and makes it all the more alluring to them.

  • Cover your bike with a durable motorcycle cover

motorcycle security This is pretty straightforward advice.  A cover not only hides your bike’s visibility but can be used to send a message to wannabe thieves. You can, for example, use a cover with the insignia of a cheaper motorcycle’s make and model to deter theft.

  • Park next to other motorcycles

This may not always be easy, but it is definitely something to consider. There is power in numbers, and that includes motorcycles that are parked in a crowd of similar vehicles. Thieves will not want to spend time picking out the one they like from the group and as such, are more likely to move away from your motorcycle and on to something else.

  • Keep your keys on your person at all times

Even if you think you are going to duck into a store quickly and be “just a few minutes,” you need to take your keys out of the ignition and keep them with you. What may be just a few moments to you is a window of opportunity for thieves everywhere.

Motorcycle Security

  • Install a motorcycle anti-theft alarm

Loud noises scare people and attract attention, and alarm systems are the perfect way to accomplish both. If you want to take this a step further, you can have a specially made alarm sound that distinguishes yours from all the other alarms in the neighborhood. Whatever you choose, make sure your alarm is audible, draws attention, and is easily identified.

  • Use security cameras at home

Security cameras that link to smartphones and are easily accessed at home or away, are a great way for you to keep an eye, albeit electronic, on your bike even when you are nowhere near it.  With even a touch of movement around the bike, your camera can notify you that something suspicious may be occurring.

  • Install disc and fork locksmotorcycle security tip

Disc and fork locks are a great way to keep your motorcycle in place, either by locking the front wheel or steering. A fork lock prevents your motorcycle from going anywhere even if a thief has your keys. And while the lights and other features will still work, the fork lock prevents anyone from driving off with your bike.  Similar to a fork lock, a disc lock also prevents the bike from being moved by securing the brakes in place and preventing theft, even if someone else has the key.

  • Lock your ignition

Most if not all drivers know that they must turn their vehicle off by turning the key and taking it out of the ignition. What many drivers do not know is that they need to lock the ignition in place so that a key or screwdriver cannot be used to ‘jimmy’ the ignition.  This is a simple technique that could save you a lot of time and energy.

  • Install an engine kill switch

The kill switch works with your bike’s ignition.  Once opened, the kill switch makes it impossible to get the bike to start. Once engaged, a kill switch disallows the bike from moving anywhere. The kill switch, along with the disc lock is the best combination to choose, as together they just about ensure that no one will be stealing your bike.

Our locksmith service is available to answer questions, install the security systems that are right for you and your bike, all over the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff is certified, licensed, and ready to help you secure your motorcycle and any other vehicles you treasure.