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The Most Secure Locks in The World

The Most Secure Locks in The World

Do you know which are the most secure locks, safes, and vaults in the world? Read on to explore them!

With the drastic rise in the incidences of burglaries all around the world, people have started putting so much emphasis on the safety of their properties and possessions. Even though there are several types of advanced forms of security systems available on the market today, nothing can beat the effectiveness of locks.

Because of the increasing demand for the most secure locks, manufacturers have come up with locks of all shapes and sizes so that people can choose the one that best suits their needs. Safes are vital for several reasons since they not only keep our valuables safe but also keep potential intruders away.

Unexpected natural disasters and manmade mishaps can cause chaos and destroy your precious things. You can opt for the best locks and safes to keep your things protected and safe at all times.

As you continue reading, you will learn about some of the most secure locks in the world.

1. Fort Knox

If by any chance, you want to break into Fort Knox, you need to pass through several obstacles. Initially, you need to cross four fences, two of which fences are electric. Then, you have to cross the guards loaded with guns and avoid getting caught by surveillance cameras.

Next, you walk through the granite walls, which are four feet thick and secured with 750 tons of steel. Luckily, if you have passed through all these secured points, you need to face the 22-ton vault door.

You can open the vault with the code number, but unfortunately, none of the staff members there know the full combination code. You need to find out the complete code if you want to go inside. After you have unlocked this code, you can go inside to find the smaller vaults that contain more than 5000 tons of gold.

Once you have grabbed all the gold, you can come out only to be greeted by a fleet of 30, 000 soldiers, artillery, tanks, and helicopters. All these security systems are a part of Fort Knox’s military camp to ensure that nobody can escape after taking gold.

Considering so much tight security, it’s not a surprise that nobody has yet attempted to break in the Fort Know Vault, which was created in 1935. 

2. Bank of England Gold Vault

The Most Secure Locks in The WorldThis is the second-largest and safest vault in the world located in the UK and secures about five thousand tons of gold. The door of this vault is resistant to bomb attacks and includes a unique voice recognition system. It needs a three-foot-long key to open the vault.

Most people don’t have much information about the strength and depth of the vault because the bank officials have still not made such details public. However, it has been deducted that the vault is much larger than a 50-story building.

3. Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is located near Wall Street and protects about 25% of Gold from around the world, where 98% belongs to foreign countries. It is a three-story bunker, which is located 80 feet below the ground and bordered by solid rocks from all sides.

There is an army of capable gunmen that keeps a strict watch on this place. In addition, there is a 90-ton steel door to secure 540,000 bars of gold.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault

This vault is created to safeguard more than a million species of plants. It is located 390 feet under a Nordic mountain on Spitsbergen Island and naturally surrounded by miles of sea bodies and polar bears. 

The vault can withstand severe earthquakes and a nuclear holocaust as it is located more than four hundred feet above sea level. It is also, therefore, resistant to damage caused due to sea tides. The Svalbard vault is guarded by four strong doors that are made of sturdy steel.

5. Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain, a retired limestone mine, is situated more than 200 feet underground and hordes about two million square feet of vaults. These are the safest vaults in the world where the maximum of vaults are of the US Government.

Surprisingly, only five percent of the owners of the vaults are made public while the details of the remaining owners are kept confidential. Some of the names of the vault owners in this Iron Mountain are identified as Corbis, the Warner Brothers, and the Smithsonian Institution.

The vaults safeguard a large number of photo negatives, a huge data center, historic master recordings, and original film reels. These are always under the watch of armed guards.

6. Cheyenne Mountain

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex is the strongest protective military bunker, located in El Paso in Colorado. Amazingly, this place held the NORAD and US Missile Warning Center during the cold war.

The people working here are privileged to have the security of the highest level because they are being always protected by two doors of 25 tons, which are capable of withstanding blasts of even 30 megatons.

The office is situated 2000 feet under the ground in the mountain’s granite. It is important to supply clean air into this place for the better survival of people working here. Before making the air available, it is cleaned with nuclear, chemical and biological filters. 

7. Granite Mountain

The Granite Mountain was created in 1965 and has since then secured the Mormon Church’s genealogical library. It is located 600 feet under the mountain and hosts 3.5 billion images such as records to immigration papers and census.

These images on microfilm are obtained from churches, archives, and libraries from hundreds of countries. The location is naturally secured but it is also safeguarded by gunmen and a 14-ton door, which is made resistant to nuclear blasts.

You must be impressed with the details of such majestic vaults. There are several other safe vaults in the world to protect precious items. So, now you can understand how important is to keep your things and people secure.

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