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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

avoid locksmith scam

Locksmith scams are on the rise; it is important that you follow our list of helpful tips and advice that can help you avoid being cheated.

One of the most frustrating things is being locked out of your home or car. It is tiresome, upsetting and sometimes risky and when you are already upset with the satiation, you hardly give any thought to checking the legitimacy of locksmiths you are trying to contact. This rush can cause you to miss out on some important things and land you in a locksmith scam. Although locksmith scams are becoming so common these days, it doesn’t need to happen with you. This is why we have listed ways of spotting a difference between unlicensed and legitimate legitimate locksmith services. Let’s see how you can spot a bogus locksmith and, instead, choose the legit professional for the job!

How a Locksmith Scam Works

Locksmith scams begin by posting a simple advertisement for a fictional company in newspapers and directories or online. You will find such ads genuine and promising and some also post pictures and reviews of satisfied clients, which are of course fake testimonials. The interesting thing is that these advertisements rank high in search engines and their prices are more attractive than most locksmiths in the vicinity. Sadly, these are all tricks to get you dragged into a scam. When a client calls these fake companies after getting motivated with their promising ads, they go into another phase of the scam. The call is forwarded to the call center of the parent company, which is often located outside your state.

The customer care executive tries to incite the client by offering an irresistibly low quote - a deal hard to refuse. After you agree to their price and services, they will send you a subcontractor in your location who will visit you. Once the said locksmith reaches your destination, he will examine the lock and claim that the lock needs heavy repair, installation or drilling. Now, you are left with no option other than to listen to the suggestions of the locksmith. After completely examining the scenario, he will quote you a higher price, claiming how complex the issues are. With the locksmith standing on your head and your desperation to get the issue solved, you have no other option than to give in to his demands. In simple words, you are scammed when you would have least expected it!

Tips to Spot A Locksmith Scam

There are certain peculiarities that are similar to fake locksmiths. You should take them as red flags when choosing locksmith services.

The Advertisement is Enticing

The advertisement for fake locksmith businesses is tempting, they offer services at cheap prices and may also have an attractive image of a good store. Of course, these images belong to other reputed locksmith businesses and are taken from the search engine.

They Answer Vaguely

When you contact them, they will answer by using generic phrases like “a locksmith service”. They will never say the name of their business and when you inquire about their prices, they often quote a random low price without giving you a proper estimate.

They Don’t Look Like Professionals

When the fraudulent locksmith comes to the destination to get your work done, they will possibly not be wearing a proper uniform and might not have a suitable identity card that would indicate that they are locksmith professionals. Possibilities are that their vehicle will lack proper markings for the business.

The Locksmith Makes Excuses

A fraudulent locksmith will often tell you that it is too difficult to pick your lock and that it needs a replacement. They will convince you by saying that they have high-quality locks that offer more security. Finally, they will remove your lock and replace it with a low-quality and cheaper lock and will charge you a hefty amount for it. It is important to keep in mind that skilled and reputed locksmiths will rarely suggest you get the lock replaced as they are trained in their field and will work on your lock in no time.

They Ask for Cash

Fraudulent locksmiths will often ask you to be paid in cash. If you don’t have enough cash, they will agree to have the payment by debit card instead of a credit card since it is easy to track them. The money they charge will be more than the original estimate.

They Will Remain Unavailable After Service

After the fraud locksmith has done the job, gotten the money, and left your premises, you will not be able to contact them again. However, if you do manage to reach them to you complain about their locksmith services, they might brush the issue aside by saying that they have removed this employee from their firm, and they will not be able to help you in this regard.

How You Can Avoid Falling into a Locksmith Scam

Although there are many locksmith scammers, there are ways to avoid getting trapped in a scam if you follow some precautions:

  • When searching for a locksmith, first get in touch with your friends and neighbors. They might have a good recommendation for a legitimate locksmith.
  • Be aware of ongoing locksmith scams and understand their signs so that you check them before hiring them for your lockout services.
  • Make sure that you ask for written estimates prior to hiring a locksmith. The estimate should include the break down of charges so that you know beforehand what it might cost you.
  • Always ask for the identification card and license of the locksmith personnel when it comes to attending to your lock issues.
  • If the locksmith tries to convince you to get your lock replaced, kindly decline as we have already stated that a skilled locksmith is proficient enough to pick any type of lock!
  • Don’t forget to ask for a receipt after the job is done to your satisfaction.

Locksmith scamming is a huge business today and many people have opened fraudulent companies to cheat people of their money. If you become the victim of a locksmith scam, don’t just sit. Get in touch with the right agency and get your complaint filed!

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