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House Lockout Prevention Tips

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Getting locked out of your house is not only embarrassing, but it’s also a potential safety hazard, plus there’s the added cost of calling a local locksmith to let you back in. There are a few safety measures that you can adopt so as to prevent a house lockout. Below are some practical suggestions on how to protect yourself from getting locked out of your house.

Keep a Spare Key Somewhere that’s Safe

It is only natural that you, like most other persons, will hide a key outside your home in case of a house lockout. While putting aside a spare key is sensible, hiding one under your doormat or under a rock is impractical. Someone might see you and use it when you’re not there.

Be smart! Don’t make your home a target for thieves and burglars. When storing a spare, keep it in your purse or wallet, and if you have a trusted neighbor or close relative, consider leaving a spare key with them.

Get a Phone Case Holder for Your Keys

While it’s likely that you’ll lock your keys inside your car or home, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll forget your phone. There are some phone cases that come with extra space to hold a key. This is excellent for persons who are phone addicts.

Having your phone with you at all times will ensure that your keys are there with you as well. So if you’re a phone addict or someone who always has a phone nearby, take advantage of this tip.

Start a Habit

home lockout prevention

If you’re accustomed to checking for your purse, phone, or some other important item, make it a habit to check for your keys. Keeping your keys in the same place at all times will also make it noticeable quite quickly if it’s not there.

Bonus Tip

So we’ve covered a few things you can do so as to avoid getting locked out. Here is one useful tip (something to avoid) when trying to protect yourself from getting locked out.

NEVER leave your windows or doors open. For some people, especially those who live in rural areas, leaving a door or window open is a norm. This practice is common, especially among those who are trying to avoid getting locked out, in case that the keys get lost or misplaced.

In cases like these, it’s better to acquire the services of a professional locksmith to secure your home, than to have it burglarized due to an unlocked door or window. A locksmith can do a lot to protect your home, and most of them respond to emergency situations such as a house lockout.

Hiring a locksmith is not expensive, as in most cases, it’s a simple lock picking that’s required, plus a new key if necessary.