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Best Places to Hide Your Spare Car Keys


In your endeavor to keep your vehicle protected against opportunist neighborhood thieves or well-developed networks of car thieves in your city, you could use a variety of solutions to minimize the risk of falling victim to a break-in or theft attempt. Among them, we can mention upgrading your car’s security by replacing broken locks, installing car alarms, reprogramming key fobs, and cutting spare keys to prevent lockouts.

Just as important as having a good spare car key is, however, being able to find the safest place to store it away from potential thieves. If you want to learn how to hide a key fob on your car, where to hide car keys in the house, or what is the worst place to hide a car key, keep reading. We have compiled a detailed guide for you based on our many years of experience in the field and extensive knowledge of car theft statistics and car security.  

Things to Consider When Deciding Where to Hide your Spare Car Keys

places to hide car keys How quickly can you access your spare key?

In the event of a lost, missing, stolen, or broken car key that prevents you from accessing and using your vehicle, you should be able to quickly reach your spare key to resume your driving in the shortest time possible. This means that your spare key should be easily accessible to you whether through a trustworthy friend, neighbor, or family member who can come to your location and bring you the key or by personally accessing the key at your home or on the exterior of your vehicle. 

How easy is it to reach your key?

Make sure that you do not choose a hideout location that is too obvious for passers-by or you will turn yourself into an easy target. At the same time, see that you choose a spot that you can remember with ease. The last time you want is to have a hard time remembering where you have hidden your keys in case of emergency. 

Consider hiding the key that only opens your vehicle. 

Since there is a fair risk of someone discovering your hideout and using your spare to steal the valuables inside your car or steal your car, we advise you to only hide a car key that can be used to unlock and lock the vehicle, minus the possibility to get the engine to start. 

How to Hide a Key Fob on Your Car

There are many hideout locations for spare keys on the exterior of cars. Some are better and safer than others. Here are our top picks. 

RFID Cases - The Best Method

Our technicians have chosen the RFID case as the best place to hide a car key for several reasons. These cases are excellent applications of the Faraday cages invented by scientist Michael Faraday in the 19th century. They consist of metal cages that act as conductors which can accurately protect key fobs from being impacted by exterior forces trying to intercept the signal of keyless fobs. Instead of keeping your spare keys on your, which is not always possible, an RFID case can safely protect your spare key fobs.  

Hitch Lock Boxes

For cars that have attached hitches on them, drivers can rely on dedicated hitch lock boxes protected by premium aluminum and dial combinations for enhanced privacy and protection against unwanted access. These devices also work well at keeping spare keys protected against rust. 

License Plates 

License plates are also sometimes used to hide spare keys. Our locksmiths recommend using dedicated license plate hiding containers also known as spare key hiders that perfectly match the shape of your license plate holder, car key, and front bumper. 

The Car’s Exhaust

This is another relatively simple method of protecting your spare keys. While it might be less conspicuous when compared to other solutions, its main disadvantage comes from the fact that the dirty tailpipe might also damage the keys. There is also a risk of shoving the keys too far in, which might require you to use an extendable magnet to pull them out.  

Behind the Wheels

Depending on the design of the wheels, you should be able to find a way to hide your spare key behind them. If your wheel feature spoked rims, this method is not for you. Wheels that feature more metal than open space are good options for this method. 

Beneath the Hood

Car models with a hood that can be opened externally represent a good hideout option for spare keys. Just make sure that you choose a nook that will make ensure the key will not get crushed once the hood is closed. 

Next to the Windshield Wipers

Some cars feature deep recesses where the windshield wiper hinges are found. Wedging the keys in the empty spot is a good way of keeping them hidden. As a side note, you should pay attention not to push the keys too far or you will risk seeing them fall into your engine bay. 

In the Gas Tank Flap

You could also use some duct tape to fasten a car key inside the gas tank flap. Just make sure that the flap closes well to prevent making your hideout place too obvious.

Where to Hide Car Keys at Home

If you want to know where to hide car keys in or near your house, these are some of the most popular solutions that we recommend: 

Underneath the deck
Decide what is the ideal spot underneath your deck or patio to hide a key and mark it using your personalized signs so you can rapidly access your spare key in case of need. Don’t forget to place your key in a box to stop it from rusting.

Underneath the dog house
Dog owners can use the area underneath their pet's houses to keep their spare keys hidden. 

Inside the electrical meter box.
Just make sure not to hide any of the electrical wirings inside the box and opt for an easily accessible location for your spare key. 

The dryer vent
Dryer vents are usually hidden structures outside the house. This turns them into good hiding locations for your car keys. 

Inside your house, or with a trustworthy friend/neighbor
While you could leave a spare key to your car inside your home, a potential home break-in could easily result in your car keys getting stolen. You could also opt for a reliable neighbor and ask for permission to hide your spare car key in their own yard or inside their home, in a safe location.

Where Not to Hide Your Spare Car Keys!

Now that you know what are some of the spots to hide a car key, you might want to learn what is considered the worst place to hide a car key: Our locksmiths recommend you never try to hide a car key inside the vehicle, whether in a secluded area underneath the seats, the glove compartment, or the ignition switch. Many cars get easily stolen on a yearly basis because of keys that have been left inside the vehicle by their owners.