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Tips for Handling Earthquake Emergencies

handling earthquake emergencies

It is crucial that people learn ways in which they can protect the security of their homes and organizations in case of natural calamities and emergencies, such as earthquakes. During such emergencies, your home and offices become susceptible to burglaries. When such disasters hit, people leave their homes and businesses in a hurry without considering they are leaving their property and possessions vulnerable. They hardly notice if they have properly locked their homes, offices and other properties.

How to Prepare For an Earthquake?

In this section, we will offer you the right steps on how to prepare for an earthquake and reduce the risk of damage or loss. People residing in an earthquake-prone zone should be well informed and educated to deal with an earthquake emergency when it arises.

Before an Earthquake

Make sure to have an earthquake survival kit for every individual in your house. Make sure they know where the kit is kept and what it contains. You can store water and food that comes available in pouches with a shelf life of five years. It is best to store at least three gallons of water per family member. Keep a battery-operated flashlight by your bedside to help you during an emergency. Make sure that you fasten your bookshelves, mirrors, television, wall hangings and other hangings securely.

During an Earthquake

Always remember three things: Drop, Cover and Hold On! You can practice this with your family members beforehand a couple of times throughout the year so that when the time comes you are well prepared. Lie down on the ground under a sturdy desk, bed or couch. Take cover there until the earthquake is over. If you are outside during the earthquake, steer clear of poles, power lines, and buildings. If you are driving, stop immediately and take protection in an open place such as a field.

After an Earthquake

Examine yourself for injuries and then check others. Provide first aid to people who are injured. Don’t light a matchstick or candle instantly after the earthquake. If there is a gas leak, any spark can cause an explosion which will result in it far worst injuries than the initial earthquake did. You must switch off the main gas valve before lighting a candle. If you think there’s a gas leakage, open the doors and windows for proper ventilation and leave the house immediately.

Get in touch with your gas provider and inform them about the situation. It is crucial that you use your phone once you are out of your house since gas leakage can also cause catch a flame. Generally, there are aftershocks after the earthquake so don’t get easy and relaxed. Be prepared to keep your possessions and family safe. Keep in mind that an earthquake can occur at any time without any indication. When you are prepared and alert, you can avoid injury and even death during the crisis. Being informed and armed with the necessary tools can make all the difference.

How to Use Advanced Security Systems During Emergencies

Earthquake EmergenciesSurveys have found that emergency situations increase the rates of crime. If you reside in a high-risk region where natural disasters can hit unexpectedly, you need to take suitable precautions. You should find ways to keep your home safe from intruders and it is crucial since there are people who take advantage of such situations and rob people of their goods.

It is suggested that before you leave your home and possessions behind, you should check the locks and security systems so that everything remains safe when you are not around. It is suggested that you safeguard your large equipment with metal strapping or cabling. If your garage door is not in good condition, you can reinforce it by adding weights.

Advanced technologies such as a remote lockdown or a one-click home lockdown can often prove to be of great assistance in such situations. These highly-technical security systems can be easily operated by your smartphones. When you have a security system that is controlled by a remote or your phone, you can leave your home and possessions without worrying about their security. It is vital that you are prepared to face emergencies of all kinds and take proper measures beforehand.

You can get in touch with professional locksmiths to help install security devices in your home. You must discuss the effective options you want to incorporate in your house. They will inspect your home and help you find the best device to help you during emergencies. Professional and experienced locksmiths will assist you in searching for an effective security system that will help keep your property protected from burglars.

Home Alarm System for Break-ins

Primarily, appropriate home alarm systems assist in preventing intruders from getting into your house. Besides having windows and door sensors or motion-detecting cameras, a home alarm system offers all-around protection to your home. It is suggested that you always go for a professional alarm monitoring system for improved security. These devices are advanced and assist you by sending a message through message or email during emergencies. They also contact the emergency department to send assistance if needed.

Security Cameras for Children, Elderly, and Pets Safety

If your children, elderly family members, and pets remain at home while you are at work, it is vital that you have security cameras installed inside your home. They will record videos of your family members and you can watch them on your smartphone. You can watch your toddlers sleeping peacefully, your kids after they have finished school, elders, and pets just by the help of security cameras. These security systems can be connected with emergency pendants worn by someone at home. They can be used to alert the homeowner or the concerned authorities in the case of an emergency.

Thinking About Home Security For Emergency Situations?

There are several effective home security systems that you can install in your home to make it a safe haven for yourself and your family. An emergency situation can arise unexpectedly and it is best to remain prepared. If you think your home lacks proper security devices needed to handle an emergency situation, you must get in touch with the professional team of locksmiths to help you address all your security needs.

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