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Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Garage Secure

garage security

Find out how to make your garage a safer place with these smart tips. Get in touch with us and let our expert locksmiths help you with your security needs.

Garages are oftentimes a make or break type of element while shopping for a new home. Some people own at least two cars, motorcycles, bikes, sports equipment or large collections of items they need extra storage for. A garage is an excellent solution as it is close to the home, easily accessible and convenient. There are even people who turn the garage in a rehearsal room, a gym or an extra room for guests or teens who need more privacy.

All of these uses of a garage also turn it into one of the most vulnerable parts of a house, given the purpose they serve. Potential burglars will often time sneak a peek into the garage while making their forced way into a house. There are garages that connect directly to the house. If this door is not properly secured, the risk of a break-in is even higher. To come to your help, here are a few garage security tips that should help you increase security in your garage and help you sleep more peacefully at night.

Tip #1: Lock All Entrywaysgarage door

Garages that feature side doors are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also extremely convenient to use. Instead of having to open the big garage door to get in and pick up a set of tools or pull out a bike, people can simply walk through a smaller door. Unfortunately, most people tend to disregard the importance of these doors and the locks on them. Standard locks are simply unacceptable, especially if you tend to keep valuable items inside the garage. Opting for single- or double-keyed deadlock is more advisable, as these locks can only be opened by someone with a key.

While you might be tempted to hide key copies beneath your favorite plant pot or garden gnome, we recommend you disrupt the habit. The more easily someone can reach this key, the higher the risk of a burglary. In case you need to drop a key for a home guest or a repairman, make sure you have it stored as far away from the door as possible. No doormat or door jambs allowed. Smart locks that require an access code, a card or a fob to enter the house will considerably simplify access for house guests. The good news is that you won't even need to be home to allow someone to enter your garage when you are not home. All you need to do is generate a new access code for a guest using your smartphone, then make sure to disable their access or change the code as soon as they leave.

#2: Keep The Emergency Releases In Top Shape

The law requires homeowners to use emergency releases on their automatic garage door openers. Not sure if your garage door opener features this release? Look for a rope with a red handle. If you can find one, here is what you need to know: the emergency release can be easily unlocked without too much effort from the exterior. It only takes a coat hanger to use the right way for someone to get into your garage without drawing too much attention on them.

Of course, if you have small children and you are afraid for their safety, this emergency release must stay there and be used constantly. You can, however, use an additional restrictive method to boost security in your garage. If you need an extra hand, get in touch with a garage door technician or a locksmith that specializes in residential locksmith services.

Tip #3: Cover The Windows

Any window that shows the inside of your garage will represent an added threat to its security. Passers-by and opportunist neighborhood burglars could take advantage of it and take a quick look at your prized possessions inside. A good garage safety tip would be to get rid of the windows or at least use a protective film over them.

Tip #4: Use A Home Security System With A Driveway Alarm

Home security systems will not only keep you and your beloved family safe from harm's way, but they can even lower your insurance rates. Get in touch with your insurance agent and find out how big of a discount you could receive for installing such a system. Think in terms of surveillance cameras, a video doorbell and sensor lights that could scare off potential burglars. In case someone does decide to take a chance and attempt to break in into your home, you will be able to catch them on tape and use the images to increase your chances of retrieving your stolen items.

Driveway alarms are also amazing solutions, especially if you live in a more remote area or you have a long way home every night. These alarms will send a wireless signal to a receiver inside the house that will let you know when someone has entered your perimeter. If you live by yourself, such an alarm could provide you with additional peace of mind and security.

Tip #5: Don't Lose The Remote Control

Garage doors with remote controls are even more prone to burglary risks. Remote controls can be easily lost or stolen. The smaller the remote, the more likely you are to misplace it. If you are using a key fob as a remote control, you could attach it to the key ring. This way, you can carry it on you at all times and make it more difficult for someone to steal it from you while you are not looking.

No matter how big or small of a garage remote control you have, you should always keep it on you or somewhere safe inside the house. Prevent anyone unauthorized from getting their hands on your remote and taking off with your car, motorcycle, or lawnmower inside the garage. Do not use the car as a storage location for the remote. In case someone steals your vehicle and the remote control is inside, the thief could find your home address using your car registration usually found inside the glove box, or look up your home's address using your GPS.

For help with properly securing your garage, or for any other security needs you have, call Locksmiths Locator today!