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Everything You Need to Know About Breathalyzer Car Locks

Driving under the influence of alcohol could force you to install an ignition interlock or a breathalyzer car lock. We have assembled a guide on how to use such a device, details on how it works, and why you should rely on expert locksmiths for cars to install or repair one for you. Our goal is to try and make your experience of using such a device on your car as easy and comfortable as possible. Without further ado, let's find out what a breathalyzer is and how it works.

What Are Car Breathalyzers And How Do They Work?

Shortly put, a car breathalyzer is a device used as an ignition interlock and it needs to be tied to the starter of the car. Drivers who have been sentenced by a court of law to periodically submit breath samples in order to be allowed to get behind the wheel and on the road need to, therefore, use these devices on a daily basis. Since cars do not normally come with breathalyzers on them, one must be fitted by a professional locksmith.

The breathalyzer car lock will enable the engine to start, as long as the breath of the sample that the driver will provide will be clean of alcohol. The device will automatically measure the breath samples and determine the concentration of alcohol in the driver's breath. Consequently, it will also establish whether the driver is allowed to drive or if he or she should send another sample later on so they can repeat the alcohol test. There are different breath alcohol concentrations allowed in different US states. The breathalyzer will determine if the driver is above or below the legal limit of the state they are in and respond accordingly, either grating permission to drive or denying it.

The ignition interlock works as follows: the person who plans on driving the vehicle on which the breathalyzer has been installed must first blow into the device and patiently wait for the test results. The results could either indicate that the driver has the green light to drive the vehicle, or that they must wait for anywhere between 5 to 30 minute until they can take the test again, submit their sample and wait for the new set of results. Provided the driver will fail a second time, the car will get automatically blocked and the driver will not be able to start the engine until even more time will pass.

The Role Of Ignition Interlock Devices

The ignition interlock device has been specially created to prevent drivers that might be a risk to themselves and other traffic participants from getting into their cars and driving when under the influence. This means the breathalyzer can prevent accidents in which cars, pedestrians and other drivers could be involved, so it is important to make sure it is fitted and used properly.

Our professional automotive locksmiths specialize in car breathalyzer installation services at affordable prices. We can connect the device to the ignition switch on your car and make sure there are no issues that could cause it malfunction. This step is extremely important since a single wrong move could render the device useless. Next, our trained locksmiths will proceed to also set the legal blood alcohol concentration levels for the state where the driver resides. Since we cover all US states and areas, you can contact us and rest assured that we are going to come to our help as soon as possible. For emergency services, we can reach any address within half an hour from placing a call to our customer support service. The frustration of having to install and use an ignition interlock device is as big as is without having to wonder which locksmith to hire for installation purposes. We have set up an expert team of car locksmiths that are mobile, fully-equipped with the latest state-of-the-art tools and software and the best know-how in the industry. They will come over, quickly assess your breathalyzer installation or repair needs and other locks, key or ignition problems you may have on your car and immediately start working on fixing them.

Keep in mind that the amount of alcohol that the breathalyzer can consider normal or under the legal state limits is extremely low. In other words, even the smallest amount of alcohol a driver might plan on having before going back behind the wheel could stop him or her from getting the engine to start while this might cause frustration and disappointment in the driver, it will ultimately avoid a potential tragedy from happening, so these devices are priceless and extremely useful.

How Much Does A Breathalyzer For Car Ignition Cost?

For starters, know that not all locksmiths are trained and authorized to install a breathalyzer for car ignition on a vehicle. This is why it is critical to first do your research and make sure you will only hire a service that is allowed to fit these devices in tour state and also one that has a rich experience working in the field. A good and reliable locksmith like the ones in our team will know all the current breathalyzer car lock regulations at a state and federal level and comply with then. There are also important standards that have been issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Once you have found a locksmith who can safely install the device for you, you should also make sure that you will not be paying a much too higher price for the service or the device itself. There are different brands that sell car lock breathalyzers, and the prices will, of course, vary ranging form the most popular brands to the least known one. Secondly, you will need to make sure that the device is fully compatible with the vehicle you are driving. This means the locksmith will first need to carefully check the exact make and model of your car and make sure the device they have selected will perfectly match it.

Some vehicles are extremely compatible with these interlock devices, so this makes their installation a lot smoother and faster. Other cars, on the other hand, are more difficult when it comes to breathalyzer fitting, and they might trigger extra hassle and the need to use more elbow grease. This is why it is important to only hire people whose job is to install these devices on a regular basis.