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Antique Lock Services

Antique Lock Services

Restore Locks & Keys!


Need affordable locksmiths who specialize in antique lock repair? Contact Locksmith Locators today for antique lock and key specialists to be sent your way within 30 minutes from placing the service call.

Everyone is fascinated with antique and vintage items. People proudly exhibit antique items such as furniture, clocks, chests, and cabinets in their homes. There are people who are also fond of having an awesome collection of all kinds of vintage locks and keys and completely functional vintage safes. People usually visit yard sales to look for antique furniture. If the item is damaged and non-functional, people normally get it restored and made to be functional; however, they make sure that it carries their original vintage appearance. Sometimes, the chests and cabinets that people buy on garage sales have damaged locks and keys. With this non-functionality, they are not able to unlock it. In such cases, they hire expert locksmiths who are familiar with antique lock and key systems or who are proficient enough to replace another lock that looks great on antique furniture.

Do We Restore Vintage Locks?

locksmith for antique locksWhen antique locks are severely damaged, they will require replacement of some of the parts so that they become functional again. Most often, antique locks get damaged because of the rust that damages the metal inside the lock. The rusted parts become fragile and break down easily with each daily use until they need to be replaced altogether. Our locksmiths specialize in antique locks and they are experts in all the ways to fix and restore your antique locks. If some of the parts of the lock are broken or missing; they can recreate them using various techniques so that you can use them once again. Sometimes, antique locks will require simple welding to become functional. The worst lock damages are those that render the locking mechanism faulty. A skilled locksmith will offer rebuilding and restoration services along with personalized creation of antique locks that are beyond repair.

How Can Rusty Locks Be Fixed?

Rust is a yellow-brown sandy residue on the lock. Old metal often gets damaged due to rusting, this is why many vintage locks become non-functional after some time laying around without being used. The rust clogs the inner machinery of the lock and makes it difficult to operate. Even vigorous cleaning is not able to remove rust permanently at home. The best solution is to get it examined by expert locksmiths who will find the right technique to fix your rusted locks. If the rust is minor, it can be removed by soaking the components in vinegar, but if it is severe, the lock might need complete restoration. which our trained locksmiths can help with. 

How to Replace Antique Keys

If the antique lock of your furniture needs a key, you can get it made with the help of our professional locksmith experts. We will study the lock and create a key for that specific antique lock. Whether it is a skeleton key,  bit keys, barrel keys or any other antique key replacement you require, we will be able to help you with it.

Do We Offer Specialized 24/7 Antique Lock Repair Services?

If you are living in an old home or you have simply purchased vintage furniture such as a cabinet or a safe with a damaged lock and key system, you can get the needed assistance from our expert locksmiths. Even though antique lock and key systems operate using the same mechanism as contemporary locks, they are more prone and susceptible to damage during repair, picking attempts and rekeying. Homeowners are able to use their antique locks if they just need simple repair and restoration services. However, if the lock is broken and damaged beyond repair, they need to be replaced with a new and highly-secure lock. It is worth noting that old and worn out locks are more prone to picking compared to new and secure ones. Therefore, it is crucial to get the lock replaced if security is an issue. Nevertheless, our locksmiths will do their best to come up with solutions to save antique locks and suggest some extra security features to compensate for the weak security these locks offer.

Antique Lock Repair Services

antique locksIf you want your antique locks restored or repaired, contact our customer support team and schedule for one of our mobile locksmiths to come to you to examine your situation and provide consultation and solution. It is suggested that you keep the original lock system intact so that the locksmith can do their best to make them look good and functional. If the owner needs extra or duplicate keys, they will be able to rekey the locks.

Here’s a list of services we offer our clients:

  • Cutting new keys
  • Antique key duplication services
  • Antique lock re-key
  • Broken or rusted lock and key replacement
  • Improve the aesthetic appearance of your antique locks
  • Extra keys for your antique cabinet

Our expert locksmiths easily work on mechanical issues and perfectly repair breaks or cracks in the lock and replace the damaged parts. If you have brought a vintage safe and you don’t have its original keys, they can help by making a key that will match the locks.

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We at have vast experience with antique lock fixing and restoring. Our locksmiths near you and available 24/7, year-round, for emergency situations. Locksmiths Locator's antique locks and keys service is to assist people in need. Get in touch with us today and get assistance for your residential and commercial antique problems.